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Tezos: Tezos delegation service hits new heights, Tresor support is here

Monthly update 23rd October — 20th November


Gitlab metrics

6 November — Trezor support is here for the TezBox Desktop

7 November — firmware version Trezor Model T 2.0.9 — The new firmware versions are available in the Trezor Beta Wallet.

8 November — TzScan, the Tezos block explorer is now open source code. Third parties can now contribute on GitLab. Read OCamlPro’s announcement.

Social encounters

19 November, NYC, USA.

Co-founders of Tezos, Kathleen & Arthur Breitman on Tezos NYC meetup.

Upcoming events:

21 November (4 Dec, 8 Jan, 5 Feb), Tokyo, Japan.

The management team of Cryptium Labs will present at a bonus Tezos Tokyo meetup.

22 November (27 Dec, 24 Jan, 28 Feb), London, UK. Tezos UK meetup.

Tezos in Asia has seen tremendous momentum over the last few months but this is only the beginning. The UK community is seeking business professionals, developers and potential project ambassadors to help educate enterprises, legislators and startups in blockchain use cases and the value of the Tezos platform.

27 November — Berlin, Germany. Tezos Berlin meetup.

This meetup is for everyone: developers, bakers, investors, Tezos friends, and more.


- Introduction to Tezos;

- Tezos governance by @JacobArluck (coming from NYC);

- How to integrate Trezor support to Tezos web & desktop apps by @jurajselep (coming from Prague);

- Social time.

30 November — Italy, Milan. First ever Tezos meetup in Milan.

25 OctoberInterview with Kathleen Breitman

24 October — @TezosFoundation posted:

“Continuing with our Grantee Spotlight series, we’re excited to feature Cryptonomic, a Brooklyn-based startup committed to decentralization and digital sovereignty. Check it out and tell us what you think!” Find video here.

27 October — Arthur Breitman explains Why Tezos Rocks (5 reasons) at Web3 Summit 2018.

  1. Unique proof of stake design goals: fairness and capital efficiency.
  2. Outcome: non-dilutive inflation and decentralization.
  3. Smart-contract language goals: readability, security, efficiency.
  4. High-level VM for smart contracts (typesafe, concise, functional)
  5. Enforce meta-governance principles code.

29 October@ArthurB was LIVE answering questions on Hashnode.

Published on October 29, 2018 — September 26th Tezos Decet Meetup At Maize

You can find video here.

30 October — Essentials of Tezos — Why Tezos will be a top 5 Cryptocurrency with Phil Champagne of Hayek Lab

30 OctoberA conversation about Tezos with fabrice Le Fessant, founder of OCamlPro

1 November — Arthur Breitman opens up about the past — On Decrypt Media.

6 November — On Tezos baking and why crypto staking will become big business in 2019 — check Crypto Insider for more details.

7 November — Ryan Jespersons’ speech at the CV Summit.

7 November — TezosFoundation announced opening up co-office space in Zug, Switzerland

9 November — New Tezos Update Video.

9 November — Kingsland Announces Game-Changing Education Partnership with Tezos at NASDAQ.

10 November — General Tezos Presentation.

12 November — @TezosFoundation announced their partnership with
@b9lab to continue growth and to empower the tezos community and larger blockchain ecosystem.

13 November — Tezos Baking and Bond Requirements explained with Phil Champagne of Hayek Lab

14 November — Tezos & Tykn founders discuss tech culture in the age of blockchain

15 November — Kathleen Breitman (@breitwoman) was a speaker at @PennBlockchain on what’s in store for @TezosFoundation and building @TezosCommunity!


7 November — HitBTC enabled XTZ withdrawals and tweeted about it.

16 November — Lisk (LSK) and Tezos (XTZ) listed on COBINHOOD Exchange. Deposit, withdrawal and trading functions for LSK/BTC and XTZ/BTC will be available upon listing.


  • Betanet launched on the 30th of June 2018.

What’s up next?

  • Mainnet went live on Monday the 17th of September. The full announcement can be found here.
  • Footage from Tezos event at San Francisco Blockchain Week, where they announced the commitment to train 1,000 new Tezos developers in 2019.

Partnerships and team members

25 October — Decet have been awarded a grant by the Tezos Foundation. Check for more details.

26 October — New Magnum Wallet (@magnum_wallet ) for tezzies is available. Precise information here.

29 October — Tezos got integrated into @GuardaWallet after winning the community vote. For more details tap here.

12 November — The Tezos Foundation announced that it has partnered with B9lab to create Tezos-specific educational and training programs.

12 November — [GitHub Open Source Release] OSX and IOS Library, to communicate with the Tezos Network. Reddit thread.

15 November — An Introduction to Tezos RPCs: a Basic Wallet.

15 November supports Tezos. It will upgrade to adapt to the evolving crypto landscape.

19 November — Tezos is a platinum sponsor at POPL 2019.


  • Jacob Arluck published on his twitter:

“Update on tezos baking based on a snapshot for the upcoming cycle 50
There are 45,435 rolls (i.e. 454,350,000 xtz) in the cycle 50 snapshot, approaching ~60% of all xtz. And there are now delegates in at least 29 countries (according to )”.

19 NovemberDeep Dive Review into Tezos by CrushCrypto.

Social media metrics

Social media activity

There is a slight growth in Tezos community over time.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Tezos Reddit subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. The information is taken from

Social media dynamics

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