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Tezos: TQuorum Global Summit, A New Version Of The Mainnet-Staging Branch, The Nyx Standard, Updated Version Of LIGO, TzStats API Documentation

Biweekly update 28th September — 12th October

Hello, cryptoworld! It’s Tezos time! Ryan Jesperson was right saying that it’s amazing to see how far Tezos has come technologically in the last year. Currently, it is also transparent that the ecosystem grows and many people are involved in Tezos life with a strong belief in the great future. A case in point is TQuorum attended by dev teams, tech stars, community members, and fans. The things discussed included Nomadic Labs’ proposed roadmap for Tezos; Trufflesuite in use with a Tezos boilerplate; a brief walk through the Rust Tezos node; a success that comes from consistent core values! Check out pictures and videos not to miss the atmosphere of the blockchain enthusiasm! Several meetups and events were organized by Nomadic Labs and by local teams — and it’s even more to come in late October.

Furthermore, during the last two weeks, the Foundation and grantees’ progress has been remarkable. Equisafe announced a launch of the Nyx Standard, a new reference to exchange financial instruments on the Tezos Blockchain, with support from Nomadic Labs and Octo Technology. Papers released a weekly update detailing their progress on the tezblock MVP, including a new navigational structure and responsive menu improvements. SimpleStaking (Tezos Rust) put out an explainer of the Tezos P2P layer, which goes into technical detail on the handshaking and bootstrapping process required to participate in the Tezos network. Nomadic Labs announced the first public release of the data-encoding library to encode and decode values to JSON or binary format. Moreover, the Marigold Project presented a new version of the LIGO language, including a Web IDE (v1), VsCode Extension, and Michelson Optimizations. Nomadic Labs released a new version of the Tezos mainnet-staging branch. Cryptium Labs updated its list of resources to learn about the Tezos core and smart contracts development. Truffle’s Cruz Molina teased the group’s new tool for automated testing of Tezos smart contracts on Babylon. The Tezos Foundation and Globacap announced a strategic partnership to accelerate Globacap’s efforts to bring capital markets into the digital age. Besides, Satoshi’s Treasure launched its final Tezos mini-hunt. As it was previously mentioned, Tezos keeps growing stably; consequently, new community members keep joining. The number of subscribers in social networks increased. Don’t forget to vote in Tezos Babylon 2.0 proposal and stay with Paradigm!

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Gitlab metrics

For detailed GitLab developer activity click here.

Developer activity (from
  • In honor of TQuorum, the LIGO team is happy to announce a new LIGO release! See post. Including:
  1. Web IDE (v1)
  2. VsCode Extension
  3. Michelson Optimizations (until Babylon)

In development:

  1. Full compatibility with Babylon and custom protocols
  2. Support for user provided smart-contracts

You can find:

  1. The Web IDE (more comming soon) at
  2. The VS Code Extensions under the name ligo tools and pascaligo highlighter

Tezos Core Dev Resources: For current, future Tezos Core Devs and OCaml enthusiasts

  1. Deploying a Custom Protocol in Tezos:
  2. Tezos Protocol Upgrade Development Part 1:

Tezos Smart Contract Dev Resources: For current, future Tezos dApp developers and smart contract enthusiasts

  1. Liquidity Tutorials — Hands-on Series — Part 1:
  2. Liquidity Tutorials — Hands-on Series — Part 2:
  3. Liquidity Tutorials — Hands-on Series — Part 3:
  4. Liquidity Tutorials — Hands-on Series — Part 4:
  5. Liquidity Tutorials — Hands-on Series — Part 5.1:
  • Nomadic Labs released a new version of the mainnet-staging branch. The update significantly reduces storage space. Instructions on updating including more information can be found in the link.
  • The Tezos Global Summit was the opportunity for to announce the launch of the Nyx Standard, a new reference to exchange financial instruments on the Blockchain Tezos! Developed with Labos Nomades FR and OCTOTechnology, this smart contract package will be accessible to all.

Some updates on Tezos grantees and other funded entities from the last week:

  1. SimpleStaking (Tezos Rust) put out an explainer of the Tezos P2P layer which goes into technical detail on the handshaking and bootstrapping process required to participate in the Tezos network.
  2. Tezos Commons Boston Chapter President Kenneth Garofalo posted an in-depth recap of the TQuorum Global Summit.
  3. Satoshi’s Treasure launched its final Tezos mini-hunt.

Foundation Activities

In addition to their usual grant-making activities, many of the Foundation’s council members and other staff made the trip to TQuorum, including Ryan Jesperson, Ryan Lackey, Hubertus Thonhauser, Michel Mauny, and Roman Schnider. They appreciated the opportunities to talk in-depth with many growing projects, and see all of the development happening in the Tezos ecosystem.

Some updates on Tezos grantees and other funded entities from the last week:

  1. Truffle’s Cruz Molina teased the group’s new tool for automated testing of Tezos smart contracts on Babylon.
  2. AirGap published a proposal draft for a wallet interaction standard and welcomes feedback from the rest of the Tezos community via Tezos Agora.
  3. Everstake produced a recap video for the first Eastern Europe Tezos Hackathon which hosted over 150 developers.
  4. Tezos Commons announced its slate of events for October, featuring events in Vancouver, Tokyo, Tampa, NYC, and Malta.
  5. Tezos Southeast Asia requested questions for when they interview Vincent Bernardoff, a developer on the first Tezos indexer and baking expert, this month.
  6. Tulip Tools shared a first look at Tplus, a collection of GUI and CLI tools to make it easier to manage Tezos nodes for development and production use.

Changes and improvements

They’ve improved various features with the latest update and also worked resolved issues and worked on performance improvements.

The current balance of a KT account is now visible in the Delegations tab of each baker account as the delegated value.

Ballots and proposals cast by a baker are now visible in the designated baker accounts page.

Ballots and proposals cast by bakers are now accessible in a list with the latest activities.

The frozen balance of a baker is now displayed, this will be soon broken up into more relevant deposit and reward parts.

Upcoming changes

As they are looking to transition from the MVP to V1 a few tasks lie ahead of us.

  1. Ensure Babylon 2.0 support
  2. Validate additional baker related mockups
  3. Adding additional relevant data
  4. Development of the baker data feature

Social encounters

  • Edward Tate from Nomadic Labs is at the Tezos booth at DevCon5 with TQTezos, Tezos Japan, and DaiLambda! See post.
  • TQ Tezos welcomed community leaders from around the world for the global Tezos community leadership summit. See post.
  • TQuorum:

Check out the live demo of trufflesuite for Tezos by Cruz Molina at TQuorum!

Taco Bites: Live From TQuorum With Ryan Jesperson — A quick chat with Tezos Foundation president Ryan Jesperson reflecting on the last year of progress and what he’s most excited about.

Taco Bites: Stove Labs Live At TQuorum — Istvan Deak introduces Stove Labs and their work on Ligo, Grainery, and the TezosHunt!

Opening remarks by Ryan Jesperson of the Tezos Foundation at the TQuorum: Global Summit.

“It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come technologically in the last year.”

Benjamin, CTO of Nomadic Labs, presenting their proposed roadmap for Tezos

What is Checker? A software technology for stabilizing a token with respect to an externally provided index. Arthur Breiman on the stage:

Seeing Trufflesuite in use — a Tezos boilerplate is coming soon:

Walking through the Rust Tezos node with Juraj Selep of Simple Staking:

“One cool benefit of a Rust Tezos node is that multiple node implementations will improve network resiliency, and help isolate possible bugs.”

TQ President Alison Mangiero welcoming the panelists to the stage to kick-off TQourum:

Why is privacy important? Ian Miers breaks it down: “Cryptocurrency is like Twitter for your bank account”

“If it’s a system for everybody that’s just and fair, you need to take care of everyone. Privacy is respect for everyone.”

- Marco Stronati, Nomadic Labs

What are some of the biggest privacy threats?

- information asymmetry

- large corporate, private chains

- the narrative that privacy and utility are mutually exclusive

- how privacy-focused cryptocurrency is perceived

“Snarks, starks, sharks and all these acronyms don’t matter as much as users understanding them. It’s important to make sure that zkps are used properly at the protocol layer, but we need to also think of the other layers and how users are going to interact with it”

— Christopher Goes

“The proofs are not only zero-knowledge, they’re succinct… They’re small and easy to analyze”

— Izaak Meckler

“What can Tezos learn from Bitcoin”

“There needs to be consistent narrative so that new people and new nodes can easily get up to speed.”

— Tarun Chitra

“Over the long term, the only way cryptocurrency projects succeed is with internally consistent ethos.”

— Nic Carter

Success won’t come from a technical feature, it’s from consistent core values.

What’s the future of privacy?

In Studio II, Marc Beaunardeau from Nomadic Labs breaks down how ZCash Sapling can integrate with Tezos.

From Coinmetrics, Senior Analyst Nate Maddrey presents a deep dive into Tezos network data!

Great presentation on programmable staking by Adrian Brink from CryptiumLabs:

“The main motivation behind programmable staking is to empower Tezos bakers to run more secure setups and avoid that consensus, governance or spending capabilities are in one single set of keys. It enables different keys to have different capabilities”

— Adrian Brink

  • Awesome turnout for Michael Klein’s workshop on how Tezos smart contracts can function in capital markets.

“We announced that we’re tokenizing a billion dollars of real estate assets on Tezos because the community is building the building blocks to make this a reality.”

- Stephane De Baets

The event was a huge success and the Nomadic Labs team was delighted to be part of this amazing conference.

  • Cryptomondays with ⁦Lou Kerner and ⁦TQTezos⁩ ⁦Arthur Breiman⁩ chat about the ⁦tezos⁩ project “favorite most important project on Tezos is Tezos”:
  • The First Eastern European Tezos Hackathon EETH took place in Kyiv last month. If you missed it, watch a short video recap on youtube.
  • Tezos Southeast Asia was delighted to have Philippe Bidinger from Nomadic Labs visiting them in Singapore last week! They had a little chat with him on what’s he working on at Nomadic Labs and how he got himself involved in the Tezos ecosystem.
  • Nomadic Labs organized a meetup in partnership with Women in Blockchain at Duane Morris LLP. They discussed a general roadmap for Tezos and Tokenization projects on Blockchain, among other things!
  • What Tezos and Bitcoin Have in Common — learn with Coindesk. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Tezos as a technology can be copied easily. Tezos’ social consensus, on the other hand, is about accumulating improvements over a longer period of time. And that kind of thing can’t be copied.

“The number one lesson and takeaway of bitcoin is a core set of principles — defining them and making the chain a beacon to attract people who believe in those principles.” — Nic Carter

  • Bruno Bernardo, a researcher at Nomadic Labs and Diego Marmsoler, closing speech at FMBC. Nomadic Labs was pleased to co-organize and sponsor this first edition of the Workshop on FormalMethods for Blockchains. See post.

Upcoming events:

  1. October 17th: Vancouver — Tezos Tacos and Thursday
  2. October 22nd: Internet 3.0 — Decentralize Everything featuring Tezos in NYC
  3. October 24th: Tokyo — Cryptocurrency beyond speculation. CryptonomicTech presenting “Blockchain for Everything” followed by a comprehensive engineering session on Oct 26th. Liquid’s head office in Kyobashi
  4. October 24th: Tampa — Introduction to Tezos
  5. October 26th: Tokyo — Creating Tezos smart contracts with a click
  6. October 31st: Malta — The Next Chapter of Blockchain
  7. TBD: Tezos New York City


Information from
Source: coinmarketcap

Partnerships and team members

  1. The Tezos Foundation and Globacap announced their strategic partnership this week to accelerate Globacap’s efforts to bring capital markets into the digital age. “Amidst the noise of Brexit, a quiet revolution is underway in Europe that will change the way they view the very concept of public and private markets,” said Foundation Council member Hubertus Thonhauser. “Globacap is at the forefront of this important movement toward democratizing access to markets and rendering them more efficient.”
  2. Elevated Returns’ Thai investee company has been granted an investment portal license from Thailand’s SEC, and will launch its first real estate-backed token on Tezos in the near future via a public offering in Thailand. This is an exciting step forward as they see the first assets in a $1bn pipeline of real estate assets be tokenized on the Tezos blockchain.


No updates.

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Tezos community continues to grow. There is a constant increase in the number of subscribers of Tezos social media channels.

There is also Tezos Riot chat and YouTube channel.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Tezos Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

The Tezos Foundation is committed to supporting organizations that contribute to the growth of the Tezos community and ecosystem. They are especially interested in supporting regional organizations and university-based groups focused on Tezos and the larger blockchain ecosystem.

Check out some of the community organizations that compose the Tezos ecosystem:

Learn about key operational entities

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