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Tezos: Voting process explained

Biweekly update 20th November-4th December


Gitlab metrics
Developer activity (from
  • A Tezos Grantee — has launched a new website for their Galleon wallet.
  • Tezos Upgrade — PROTO 003. Tezos is about to upgrade to the 3rd protocol iteration, which improves the network and gets things ready for the first voting period. This upgrade achieves the following:
  1. Adds some additional RPC API endpoints for voting support to allow 3rd party developers to build cool new user interfaces
  2. Fixes network SPAM issues with a fee overhaul
  3. Fixes a few other bugs

You can read full details here.

This release brings bakechain in line with the latest PROTO 003 changes for Tezos. We’ve made the following changes:

1.Updates to proto 003

2.Fixed mempool endpoint for updated protocol

3.Fixed seed_nonce and reveals

4.Improved POW baker

5.Improved hardware test (was giving out higher readings)

6.Fixed bug with ledger

  • Tezsure State of Work #2 — new website here.
  • An important patch addressing LMDB resource exhaustion in the Tezos shell (used by bakers and full nodes) is available.
  • Tezos is closer than ever into upgrading the protocol to zk-SNARKs. First smart contract platform privacy coin.

“This library contains OCaml bindings to Zcash Sapling for the purpose of adding highly efficient zk-SNARKs to Tezos.” Check here for more details.

Social encounters

  • Tezos Korea Foundation signed on MOU with Yonsei University for the purpose of blockchain talent development.
  • Tezos asked to GitPull/Recompile/Update Baker Now and prepare for protocol change on Monday 26Nov18 on Reddit.
  • Tezos Korea will attend as speaker on governmental conference hosted by Korea Ministry of the Interior and Safety, check this link for more details.
  • Tezos recommended bakers to join the obsidian_llc baking Slack channel to keep track of the latest tezos network updates.
  • Berlin, Germany, the Factory Berlin, Görlitzer Park Campus at 6:30 PM on 26 November: speeches from Jacob Arluck and Juraj Selep.
  • Foundation President Ryan Jesperson will talk Tezos with Tom Lyons, Chairman of the Enterprise Blockchain Working Group of thecryptovalley, on Dec. 6.
  • Tezos Voting Process explained precisely.
  • Check out Foundation President Ryan Jesperson’s interview with LuzernerZeitung.
  • On June 30, the Tezos Foundation proposed a genesis block that became the seed of the Tezos network. For a time following the proposal, there was an expectation that, while fully operational, the network had a higher likelihood of experiencing unscheduled downtime along with maintenance and adjustments.

  • Small but still: CODEX, an exchange with ~82BTC daily volume listed Tezos: here.


  • Betanet launched on the 30th of June 2018.

What’s up next?

  • Footage from Tezos event at San Francisco Blockchain Week, where they announced the commitment to train 1,000 new Tezos developers in 2019.

Partnerships and team members

  • Tezos Korea Foundation signed on MOU with Yonsei University for the purpose of blockchain talent development.


No updates.

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Tezos Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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