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Tezos: Yay or Nay voting period started, Tezos node/shell in rustlang demo, transcription of the 5 security audits for the Tezos, consensus upgrades (Tendermint-based) and formal verification

Biweekly update 15th March — 29th March

Tezos does our heart good. Teams have been working extremely hard over the period of the last two weeks. The most exciting process at the moment is the second voting period, that is frequently discussed in social networks and chats. Besides, a fortune of development work was made (for instance an update as a techelson testrunner for liquidity programs), as well as an explanation for this work: tutorials and guides regarding the smart contract language for Tezos — fi, an explanation how an operation in Tezos actually works etc. Moreover, they provided us with a weekly recap, tracking the progress. Least Authority published a report of Tezos audits and now we are able to see the solidity of their functioning. As for thee social encounters, Tezos was deeply involved in meetups and no one’s planning to slow down on this. In April you will be able to see Tezos in Vienna, Boston, Paris and more! Tezos Website is now viewable in 13 of the most popular languages around the world. The community keeps growing constantly and there is also a significant increase in the number of followers on the web. It is a big time for Tezos!


Gitlab metrics
  • Tezos smart contracts initiatives launched or announced so far in 2019: (Francois Maurel)

Ligo (LabosNomades / Marigold)

Morley (camlCaseTech / Serokell)

ConseilJS (CryptonomicTech)

Liquidity 1.0 with ReasonML toggle (OCamlPro)

Fi (TezTechLabs)

  • Tezos.Rio announced the launch of the TEZZET Android mobile wallet v1, available now at Google Play Store.
  • Tezos Weekly #5 — a recap of updates, events, and news this week in the #tezos universe.
Source: Tezos Twitter
  • The Tezos Foundation will vote “Pass” (meaning abstain) during the upcoming Exploration Vote Period to further elevate the voices of other members of the Tezos community in this historic first vote. Check out the latest announcement.
  • is so far the most active space to resolve your queries regarding tezos platform.
  • Introducing Tezos Bulletin, a news/announcements aggregate for all things Tezos.
  • Amazing tutorials and guides regarding to the smart contract language for Tezos — fi. Look at them via link.
  • Simple staking just published a guide on how to bake and endorse with a Trezor hardware wallet. Check it out to learn more and start baking.
  • An explanation how an operation in Tezos actually works.

Check out this piece by their team member Amit Panghal for an in-depth analysis of the lifecycle of an operation in Tezos.

  • Announcement that we have issued an additional grant to mytezosbaker to support the development of more advanced features to its curation site of Tezos delegation services. Learn more via link.
  • The first round of the inaugural on-chain Tezos vote (Athens) has concluded. Learn more here.
  • Second step of the voting via link. At the end of this testing vote period in about three weeks, the current proposal will be promoted to testing if the participation rate (total of Yay, Nay, and Pass as a percentage of total rolls) is greater than 80% and a supermajority of 80% yay is met. pass votes also count towards the participation rate, but not in determining the supermajority, which is based on the ratio of ‘yay’ to ‘nay’ votes. If these conditions are not met, then the amendment process will be revert to the first period. In-depth details may be found in the Tezos documentation.
  • Amazing post from LabosNomades detailing its progress on tezos consensus upgrades (hint: Tendermint-based!) and formal verification (with teaser for Mi-Cho-Coq, a framework for proving properties about Michelson contracts).
  • Last year Least Authority performed 5 security audits for the TezosFoundation — here are the results & links to the final reports outlined in a blog post.
  • Introducing `sliq` a techelson testrunner for liquidity programs.
  • On March 22th, the Tezos Foundation transferred a limited allocation of XTZ from internal storage to a separate wallet to be used for developers and partners, as previously announced, and in order to fulfill its grant-making commitments.
  • B9lab extends the application period for Tezos Blockstars Program through the weekend. Make sure to apply for a chance to learn to build on Tezos for free.
  • New DYOR series: Inspecting tezos smart contracts and increasing storage/parameters readability.
  • TezBox Wallet presenting Sona, proof of concept for his self-sovereign identity system to address key management pains!In development: a Sona app on iOS and Android.
Source: Tezos Twitter
  1. p2p/client: This is the p2p component responsible for receiving and sending messages within Tezos network. Internally, p2p allocates a component, called a p2p-peer, for each node within the reachable network. The p2p-peer listens to incoming messages from peers and routes requests to individual peers. The p2p/client uses separate components for serialization/deserialization of messages between Tezos message format and Rust structures.
  2. data_encoding/de: All incoming messages are transformed into standard Rust structures for easy manipulation using de component. This component implements serialization and deserialization of all data types used in Tezos messages.
  3. crypto/box: Component contains cryptographic algorithms for encryption and decryption of messages
  4. storage/db: In the current phase (PoC), this is a very simplistic in memory DB for storing information about the current state of the blockchain. We will replace the component with a key-value database.
  5. They use a rpc/server: the component used for the implementation of node-rs REST API. Using the nodes REST api, the user is able to get insights about the current state of the node as well as execute commands on the node

The relations between individual components are described in the diagram depicted below.

  • Tezos Website is now viewable in 13 of the most popular languages around the world!

Social encounters

Source: Tezos Twitter
  • Founder Joyce Yung recently was in Bangkok with the Asia Tezos Team, be sure to check out the awesome work they are doing there.
Source: Tezos Twitter
  • This piece by Christine Kim of Coindesk breaks down the historic first vote for Tezos.
  • TSA was at NUS today for Singapore’s 22nd National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) for its awards ceremony! The NOI is a competition to inspire young science students to develop their programming skills to create a more innovative nation.
Source: Tezos Twitter
  • TezTalks: Q&A session for Tezos builders underway.
Source: Tezos Twitter
  • “We are thrilled to formally join the MOBI community and support startups in the autonomous vehicle space” — Ryan Jesperson, President of TezosFoundation

Upcoming events

  1. Meet up on April 2nd to not only discuss volunteer tasks, but also use the opportunity to have 3 new talks:

- Tezos Smart Contracts w/ Reason

- New ReasonReact / bs-react-native updates

- Easy Package Manager

  1. April 4th 2019 at District Hall, Boston, MA for Tezos Boston Meetup #6 featuring the Founders of Tezos Arthur Breitman and Kathleen Breitman
  2. Penn Blockchain Conference — 6th April. Tezos is excited to have @breitwoman, co-founder of Tezos, return as a speaker on 4/6 for this year’s Penn Blockchain Conference. Last year, she spoke on decentralized financing.
  3. 10th April Meetup: Tezos Vienna #1; Tezos protocol w/ Rust, ReasonML DAPPs, Protocol amendments
  4. Cornell Blockchain’s first all-day conference in NYC on April 12th. The day will be filled with great speakers, tasty food, and fun goodies!
  5. TQuorum: Paris, a daylong Tezos conference during Paris Blockchain Week on 18 April 2019. TQuorum: Paris will be the first in a series of three daylong local conferences culminating with the inaugural TQuorum Global Summit in New York City in September.

Partnerships and team members

No updates.


  • Get your PBWSummit 2-DAY FULL PASS and benefit from FREE ACCESS to TQuorum: Paris, a daylong tezos conference on April 18th — a third day of programming in JoinstationF, as part of the ParisBlockWeek

Source: Coingecko
Source: Coingecko

Social media metrics

Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics
Social media activity

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Tezos Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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