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Theta: 1st mobile integration of Theta coming soon, listing on Digifinex and Binance info

Biweekly update 17th January — 31st January

This is not financial advice.


GitHub metrics

Version 1.0 of live Mainnet launch set for March 15, 2019.

While the team has released the Theta Mainnet code to GitHub, they decided to delay the Mainnet launch for several key reasons:

  • Partnerships and initial work with Samsung VR, MBN, and CJ Group (plus a few others to announce soon) have led to early feedback that requires additional extensions to platform. What started out as a Tendermint-based blockchain with enhanced features built in for video delivery, developed into a new blockchain built from the ground up with the potential to expand beyond video into all forms of content and data delivery. Primary goal with these early partnerships is to learn what platforms want out of a decentralized content delivery network, and incorporating these changes will strengthen these existing partnerships and aid future Theta Network adoption.
  • Ensuring that major exchanges support token swap is important to the existing Theta tokenholders, and based on current workload/backlogs at exchanges it looked like only some exchanges would be ready to support the Theta token swap by end of year.
  • Code audit, security and scalability testing. As seen from GitHub update the team has finished constructing the Mainnet blockchain already, but now that they have major partners ready to push to Mainnet, they can’t afford to take chances with the stability and security of the Theta blockchain. They prefer to move back the Mainnet launch date and push stable, secure, and scalable code. There have been several mainnet launches in 2018 that were hampered by early failures, and the they’d like to avoid those mistakes.

A major upgrade after Mainnet launch will support guardians nodes; further details and timeline will be provided as the team gets closer to Mainnet launch.

  • Theta Network Twitter (on January 25th 2019):

Theta coming soon to a mobile device near you! An early behind-the-scenes look at the 1st mobile integration of Theta for one of our existing partners (in dev mode — this is not what the partner’s actual UI will look like).

Source: @Theta_Network.

Social encounters

World Digital Asset Summit — “The Road to Mass Adoption” panel (part 1/2) and (part 2/2): Videos of panel “The Road to Mass Adoption” featuring:

  • Wes Levitt. Theta Labs
  • Mik Naayem, Dapper Labs
  • Peter Fedchenkov, Insolar
  • Lily Liu,
  • Josh Fraser, Origin Protocol
  • Dorjee Sun, Perlin
  • Nakhoon Choi, YAP Chain
  • Joyce Yang, GlobalCoinResearch (moderator)

Upcoming events:

  • Mitch Liu is in talks to speak at another upcoming conference, more details coming soon!



Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

Over the past year the team has spent a lot of time talking about how users can benefit from the Theta Network in the form of token rewards, and improved video quality/latency in developing countries. But for Theta to be successful it’s also critical that video platforms adopt the protocol, so platforms need to see clear value from integration as well. One critical way Theta can do this is by helping platforms generate incremental revenue and expand their market share.

Growing revenue is just one of the ways video platforms can grow faster by joining the Theta Network. In an upcoming blog the team wll share insights on how token rewards increase user engagement, session times, and more.


Delay in mainnet launch.

March 2019 — Mainnet

The Native Theta network on our new blockchain. Current Theta ERC-20 tokens will be exchanged 1:1 for Theta blockchain tokens.

Phase III of the testnet is now live, and actually incorporates the Theta mainnet source code the team released to the Theta GitHub last months. This is the most critical testing phase of the blockchain code before the mainnet goes live on March 15th.

Source: @Theta_Network.

Partnerships and team members

Source: @Theta_Network.



  • What the heck is $THETA and why does it look like this?
Source: @ronniekrazy.

Social media metrics

Social media activity

December 6th, 2018: Theta subreddit has moved to Theta_network. And telegram chat moved to ThetaNetwork.

Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Official Telegram group — discussions on testnet, price, possible partnerships, etc.

Facebook — 15–25 likes per publication, 1–5 shares.

Twitter — average number of retweets is 35–40 for one post. — since November 23rd, 2017. Discussion on price, roadmap. Last publication — on January 28, 2019.

There is a slight growth in Theta community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Theta Reddit subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. The information is taken from Twitter stats gone to 0 due to the new twitter account.

This is not financial advice.

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