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Biweekly update 1st August — 14th August


GitHub metrics

Phase I of Theta testnet will end on 14th August at ~5pm PST, followed shortly by the new + improved Phase II testnet. Theta will be pushing some upgrades to the Theta consensus mechanism to improve transactions/sec, which will be critical to supporting additional video platform partners.

When Phase II starts, Theta will reset Gamma amounts.

Social encounters

Mitch (Theta CEO) and Wes (Theta Head of Strategy) interviewed on Asia Economic TV’s CoinCast show.

Theta Test Channel Walkthrough(Korean) by Theta Labs.

Theta Testnet — Initial results by Theta Labs: Theta testnet early results:
On June 27th the Theta released three major components of the Theta testnet: a test channel on fully-powered by the Theta mesh streaming protocol, the Theta blockchain source code on GitHub, and the Theta blockchain explorer.
In just 5 weeks, more than 300K users have shared bandwidth on the Theta testnet. Bandwidth offload to the Theta Network has averaged around 45%, which is a great starting point.

Users from 149 different countries have shared bandwidth on the Theta testnet.

The average session time on the testnet channel has been 31 minutes, almost than 3x the rest of (11 minutes) and more than 5x Twitch (6 minutes).

Soon we’ll be adding new live content to the test channel, which will help drive more organic traffic and allow us to test more concurrent users. And later this month the testnet channel will feature a live AMA with the Theta team.

Theta Network — July Roundup by Theta Labs:The team spent much of the month in Korea and China visiting potential partners and meeting fans in the Theta community.

  • Kyle Okamoto, Chief Network Officer of Verizon Digital Media Services, joins Theta Network as strategic advisor.
  • Theta Network joins Kyber Network, IoTeX, Zilliqa, and Quantstamp at the Block72 meetup in Seoul.
  • Mitch (Theta CEO) and Jieyi (Theta CTO) rep Theta at the DHVC portfolio company event in Beijing

Development Progress:

  • The testnet has been a great success so far — 300k+ users in 149 countries, and some serious engagement numbers with an average session time of 31 minutes.
  • The Theta team continues to prototype with SamsungVR, and is working on a public demo to come soon.
  • The $2M Theta Dapp Development Fund is open, and taking applications for video platforms looking to build on top of the Theta protocol.

Netflix Challenger Theta’s Token-based Video Streaming Attracts 300k Users on about Theta testnet first results.

Theta Network — Intro by Theta Labs (and in Korean and Chinese).

Theta Network — Test Channel Walkthrough ( in Chinese).

The Streaming Tidal Wave Gains Momentum from Decentralization and Cryptoeconomics by Theta Labs: Cryptoeconomics stimulates mesh video streaming and creates new utility.

Reddit — Vote for Theta Token to be listed on Exchange your vote counts on

Upcoming Events:

Play Labs Online Demo Day @ MIT — August 14, 2018.

Bitmovio, a video entertainment marketplace built on the Theta protocol, will be one of the projects presenting.

Galactic Blockchain Community Happy Hour Panel- IoTeX + NKN + Theta — August 17, 2018.

The Theta team will be host a video AMA later this month on the Theta testnet channel.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from


Right on target.

Late Q2:

Blockchain Explorer

Initial Testnet

Early Q3 :

P2P Mesh Streaming

Partnerships and team members

No updates.



Twitter — by @ThetaToken: “The first dapp to be built on the Theta Network, @SLIVERtv360, just had it’s biggest month ever! Total visits in July increased by 68% to 6.8 million”.

Vote for “Building the Decentralized Media Ecosystem” to be a panel at SXSW 2019 in Austin. Lineup so far includes Theta CEO Mitch Liu and Theta advisor Kyle Okamoto.

Reddit — Early Investor Benefits? — $THETA is trading now on #ExToke Fee Free DEX.

Social media activity

Social media activity

The community is quite active and diverse.

There are 5 admins in Official Telegram group moderating discussions about testnet.

Facebook — 10–20 likes per publication, 1–5 shares.

Twitter — average number of retweets is 20–40 for one post.

Theta testnet viewers on continues to grow (an average of 500 per week).

The longest thread on Reddit has 8 comments (about testnet — on 27th June , 2018) and this weeks (31st July — 14th August) has 6 comments (Theta staking reward). — since November 23, 2017. 244 posts, last publication — on 14th August, 2018.



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