15 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide Because of Her Facebook Photos.

Who is responsible? Facebook? the girl? or the adults?

On the same day as Facebook celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary a 10 year old girl committed suicide. The reason for her suicide was the photos that she has posted on her Facebook account. Social-networking gone bad?irresponsible adults?

The story.

The story that hit the headlines in the local media yesterday states that girl who was 15 years old posted some of her photos which she took when she was with her boyfriend on Facebook. Although we don’t know whether the photos were appropriate or inappropriate was seen by her school teacher has informed the school principal about the photos.

The school principal who apparently got angry after hearing the story has scolded the girl publicly in front of her class. The girl got depressed and embarrassed after what has happened went home and wrote a 3 page suicide note about what happened to her and committed suicide on February 5th.

There are different aspects one can look in to this story and can take some good lessons on how to now to act in a situation like this.

What the girl shouldn't have done.

Obviously the girl shouldn't have committed suicide for such a small thing. I know it’s hard for a school girl to take on the blaming by the school teachers. I too got depressed when I got blamed in front of others at the school. But by 15 I've faced so many situations like that I’d just listen to the blaming with a smiling face or just walk out happily when being thrown out of the class. By 15 you just have to face the tough life and should learn that dying is easy and it’s living that’s hard.

I don’t think it’s wrong to post your pictures on Facebook, but the girl should have thought twice who sees the photos. There are things called privacy settings on Facebook, use it.

What the adults shouldn't have done.

As adults the teacher and the principal should have behaved in a more mature a way. The girl is 15 she has every right to have a Facebook account and post whatever she want about her. As teens they do mistakes, don’t think rationally. But it’s the adults that should have behaved in a more mature way than that.

I've seen people specially the X generation people in Sri Lanka being hard on public display of affection (PDA). They should realize that this is not the 1970s world that they used to grow up in where having a boyfriend, or going out with a boyfriend without the parents knowing about it was thought as a crime. People should get over it and accept that this is the 21st century teens will do whatever they want, and there is nothing the X generation people can do about it rather than adopt to the new society.

The adults should have advice the girl about using Facebook and why she shouldn't post photos like that on Facebook for everyone to see rather than going all weapons firing against her in public. They are teachers and they should know how to handle a child than other adults and the eay they behaved is totally irresponsible.

The parents of the child also should have kept a closer eye on their child and what they are doing, specially online. But this is also tough thing to do because most of the adults in the country are yet to know about how to use the internet.

Anyway I finally what has happened is that a girl lost her life in the most beautiful time of her life, and I hope that we’ll see some action against the teachers for their iresponsibal behavior.

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