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Bugatti Non-Fungible Tokens Are Coming

Bugatti NFTs are going to hit the non-fungible token marketplaces at well over 231 MPH (the top speed of Bugatti’s EB 110 SuperSport). Before now, there hasn’t been any officially minted Bugatti NFT releases that we are aware of. The available ones were nothing but low-quality images that lacked any sort of proper permissions to mint or display. But that is all about to change very soon, and Paradox NFT is going to make it happen. This event will be one for the books! Unless the Bugatti owners decide to release NFTs of their beautiful sports cars themselves, this upcoming release of Bugatti designs (provided by the Bugatti owners) with Paradox NFT may be the only official Bugatti-related non-fungible tokens ever released into the galaxy. Do you know what that means? That means that everyone and their mom is gonna be on the lookout for these. These NFTs will be extremely rare, and word on the street is that they’ll be one-of-a-kind drawings and renderings of one or two Bugatti models. We will announce the actual model names and numbers when we begin to close in on the launch date.

Lambos Are Weak… I Want a Bugatti!

It is crucial that you follow us on our social media accounts and our website (links located at the bottom) to stay “in the know.” Don’t be surprised if one of the cars ends up being an EB110. What’s an EB110? The EB110 model is one of the most popular Bugatti models ever to hit the pavement, making these NFTs worth just that much more. We still have no word on how many copies the owners plan on releasing in collaboration with Paradox NFT, but we can tell you it will be enough to keep your engines running until then.

Paradox NFT LLC — Marketplace & Token

Nobody else has ever done anything like this before. The only place you’ll be able to catch this once-in-a-lifetime auction is at the Paradox NFT Marketplace (coming soon). The Marketplace is almost ready for primetime. It has just passed its last beta stage and is on its way to its first release candidate. If you have been following Paradox NFT’s roadmap, you know what you’re in for, and if you haven’t been, you need to go to our website and check out our Trello Roadmap to stay in the loop. To find out more about Paradox NFT Coin and the Marketplace, please look at the bottom of this page, or Google us.

Bugatti EB 110 GT (Royalty-Free From Pixabay)

Enter Bugatti Non-Fungible Tokens

It turns out that one of the Bugatti designers (now retired) wants to get his feet wet and turn some of his designs into NFTs. This guy owns all of the rights to these Bugatti designs, which include but are not limited to drawings, renderings, and other incredible soon-to-be 3D renderings. Paradox NFT expects that this man could possibly release some Bugatti renderings that have never been revealed before. Paradox NFT stated they could only speculate at the moment, but they expect this to be one of the biggest and priciest NFT sales in a long time. These NFTs will go down in history as some of the most beautiful NFT renderings you can buy.

Bugatti 3D Interior Rendering (Royalty-Free From Pixabay)

A Little Bugatti History

Bugattis are the rarest of rare sports cars in the world. They have been making some of the fastest cars on earth since 1909. The Bugatti tradition was founded in the town of Molsheim, Alsace, by the Italian-born designer Ettore Bugatti. The cars were known for their blissful beauty, high-tech design, and for their many victories won in car racing. The most famous Bugattis include the following “Types”: The 35 Grand Prix, the 41 “Royale,” the 57 “Atlantic,” and the 55 sports car. In 2000, the eight-liter Veyron EB 16/4 featured a 16 cylinder engine that made news around the globe with its speed and beauty.

Ever since Bugatti hit the car racing scene, they have left nothing behind but smoke trails and finish lines. Bugattis are noticeably focused on their design, so you know these NFTs will be out of this world. The designs of these multi-million-dollar sports cars didn’t end at the body style either. Their Engine blocks were literally hand scraped to ensure that the metal surfaces were so flat that the Bugattis did not need gaskets for sealing. Imagine that (an engine without gaskets). And it doesn’t end there. Perfection was so crucial to the Bugatti brand that even the car’s safety wires were hand-threaded through almost every fastener in the intricately laced patterns of the sports car. Now imagine your dream car where everything has been given this type of attention to detail. Enter Bugatti.

Man Showing-Off a Bugatti Rendering (Royalty-Free From Pixabay)

The Buggati’s Entry Model Goes For Around $4.2 Million Dollars

Please think of how the price of the cars themselves will affect the merits of the NFT value, rarity, and prices. There will always be some correlation between cost and art value with NFTs, and the Bugatti is already an expensive car all by itself. Bugattis are purchased by only the most elite and wealthy businessmen and women around the world. They make you look like a punk in your Lambo, and they will smoke your Maserati on the strip. Depending on how many NFTs are spawned by this designer and owner of the Bugatti copyrighted items, we could be looking at some of the most enjoyable trading and tremendous NFT opportunities this year. All of you big Bugatti fans will never forgive yourself if you miss out on this opportunity.

If you don’t know what NFTs are or how to start, you should go and pick up some Paradox NFT Tokens now while you can still get them at a low price and start stacking them up. For more information on how to get PXBSC (Paradox NFT Coins), you can find a tutorial here and here. Also, Paradox NFT LLC owners Leo Bailey and Tank Shake are available every Sunday on Telegram for their weekly AMA.

Bugatti Front-End Rendering (Royalty-Free From Pixabay)

What Role Will Paradox NFT Play In All Of This?

These Bugatti non-fungible tokens will be listed exclusively through Paradox NFT. If you don’t know about the Paradox NFT Marketplace (which is said to rival all current marketplaces), check out the whitepaper and other information. Then, constantly check in with our website and social media accounts for more details leading up to the NFT auctions of these one-of-a-kind items. This could very well be the paradox of sports car NFTs (joggle that around in your dome for a while).

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Written By: Tank Shake

Paradox NFT LLC is in no way affiliated with Bugatti or the Bugatti brand name. The Bugatti logo and name are owned and trademarked by Bugatti. All images used in this article were taken from strictly royalty-free image sources. The images depicted in this article are in no way a reflection of the NFTs that will be available for purchase. The fact that Bugatti is mentioned in this article with Paradox NFT in no way implies that Paradox NFT and Bugatti have any sort of personal or business relationship.



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