Paving the way for competitive Web3 gaming: Our partnership with STADIUM & BLVKHVND

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4 min readSep 29, 2022


At ParagonsDAO, we’re driven by helping Web3 gamers prosper economically and socially by reducing barriers-to-entry, and igniting a competitive Web3 gaming landscape.

That’s why we’re ecstatic to announce an official partnership with BLVKHVND — a decentralized esports gaming cooperative and pro-gaming community competing in traditional and Web3 gaming.

Via PDIP 9, the Paragons Council has ratified our memorandum of understanding (MOU) with BLVKHVND to partner on STADIUM — their permissionless protocol that enables competitive teams, leagues and tournaments for players ranging from pro to casual.

With a common understanding that Parallel (the anticipated Web3 trading card game) is the next big thing for competitive gaming — we’ve been aligning our efforts to bring you something greater than the sum of our parts.

STADIUM simplifies competition in gaming communities

Soon, Blvkhvnd will launch STADIUM, a decentralized platform enabling traditional and Web3 gaming communities to develop self-organized tournaments for the games they love playing together.

Players can form teams (and teams can recruit players) to compete in STADIUM leagues across varying skill levels. By helping players and teams come together to create guilds and factions within any gaming ecosystem, STADIUM will enhance competitor, management and spectator experiences.

Central to STADIUM is your Player Card — a non-transferable NFT which shows off your player history, platform achievements, team/guild allegiances, games you’re actively playing, and allows you to set your worth for team recruitment.

Example Player Card. You’ll need an Access Card (available on OpenSea) to get a Player Card.

Learn everything you need to know about STADIUM by reviewing their recent Twitter threads.

STADIUM will integrate ParagonsDAO’s player management system to lend Web3 game assets

In anticipation of Parallel’s launch early next year, we’ve been cooking up a player management system to manage users’ access to our playable NFT assets — including the largest collection of Parallel cards — in a way that optimizes our gamer experience and our yields.

In short, we’re providing a simplified access point for gamers to play, compete and maximize rewards in Parallel (and other Web3 games) without having to own all the necessary NFTs.

Paragons Score (working title) will be a non-transferable NFT that manages your Web3 gaming reputation, and can be used by anybody that wants to borrow our cards (via STADIUM or otherwise).

Conceptual, composable, personalizable Paragons Score card

The NFT will be your Paragons gaming identity — using data like your ranking, tier (e.g. pro, semi-pro, amateur, casual) and other stats to determine:

  • The playable NFTs/decks and yield-generating assets you’re eligible to borrow
  • The percentage of rake Paragons takes in exchange for lending you cards
  • The length you can borrow cards
  • Your access to tournaments and leagues (on STADIUM and otherwise)
  • And more!

We expect that Paragons Score will help us optimize how we lend our deep collection of Parallel NFTs to maximize outcomes for pro players and equip healthy and thriving feeder leagues through STADIUM.

How Paragons Score and ParagonsDAO’s assets can be used on the STADIUM platform

We plan to have Paragons Score built by December to ensure it’s ready before Parallel’s launch (slated for early next year) — meaning STADIUM users playing Parallel will be able to compete and borrow our cards to maximize their rewards.

Leveraging BLVKHVND’s pro gaming expertise

BLVKHVND will use their pro gaming roster, experience and connections to create a pro Parallel league on Stadium that we’ll sponsor and support, including supplying our playable cards and funding for reward pools with PRIME.

Cross promotion, marketing and broadcasting

As sponsors and partners of STADIUM, ParagonsDAO will be a visible presence throughout the platform for both traditional and Web3 users. This will create greater brand awareness for us with traditional gamer audiences (e.g. competitors and spectators), positioning us the de facto place to go for the assets they need to play, earn and compete with Parallel and other Web3 games.

With BLVKHVND, we’ll use the best of our shared abilities to plan and deliver mutually beneficial content like broadcasts of live league events, game education and resources, merch, social media and more to further kindle the competitive landscape in Parallel and other Web3 games.

We couldn’t be more excited to combine our strengths and build a flourishing competitive community for Parallel and other Web3 games. Watch for more details about the STADIUM launch on their Twitter!




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