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Your tools for Treasury transparency

We’ve just launched our new Treasury Dashboard and couldn’t be more excited!

This new tool is intended to help you make more informed investment decisions related to $PDT. As a community-powered DAO, we want to be as transparent as possible and give you the tools and insights to help you decide what’s best for you.

Along with our governance process (including our recent council elections), this is another step to ensure ParagonsDAO operates in a transparent and decentralized way — with all of you in the driver’s seat, equipped with the tools and information you need to make the right decisions for you.*Rio_EbJRnBqYfkadSVbcIg.png
HarryPotterCookBook, Rufus, CoinWizard, MrKvak and Milamber hard at work assessing our Treasury using our new Dashboard

For more information on our new councils and results of our recent elections, check out our last post:

And this dashboard is just the beginning…keep reading to see what other tricks we have up our sleeve.

To skip the article and ape right into the Treasury Dashboard click here.

What can you do on the Treasury Dashboard?

1) See the market value of our assets based on our assumptions

The first page shows the total value of our Treasury, based on several assumptions we’ve outlined directly on the page.

2) See the sales volume of our Masterpieces

On the second page, you can see our daily yield from the Parallel Masterpieces we own (we earn 1% yield on all sales from the assets associated with these NFTs).

These charts display that 1% yield from each day, using sales data from OpenSea, LooksRare and Rarible. You can drag the slider to see any given 60-day period of our yield from these assets.

3) Model your own assumptions on our Treasury and the value of $PDT

Our Treasury Dashboard’s pièce de résistance is the calculator, where you can model your own assumptions to help you value the Treasury on your terms, helping you draw your own conclusions about the value of $PDT.

By default, it shows the assumptions we’ve made on the first page, but we know many of these assumptions are debatable. We fully support that you may prefer to value the Treasury based on different assumptions, which may be more bullish or bearish than ours, so we’re giving you a tool to do that!

Visit the Treasury Dashboard on our website here

What’s coming

As we said at the beginning — this isn’t all.

We’ve also been working with Multifarm — a leader in custom Treasury dashboards who’ve partnered with giants like Olympus and Alchemix — to produce a much more expansive set of analytics about our Treasury that will be publicly available.*mNeYwvLjV-MLjPgju6c0sg.png
A sampling of the many powerful views of our Treasury we’re producing in partnership with Multifarm

Development is well underway, and we’ll be ready to release this in the near future. Stay tuned!

For other ways to see what’s cooking in our treasury

Keep in mind that these tools value our treasury solely based on its underlying assets. They does not account for soft assets, like our proprietary NFT bonding solution or marketing assets such as social media accounts or seed investments outside our treasury (e.g. Gradient and Guzzolene).

So go check out the Treasury Dashboard, play around, and share with us on Twitter or Discord how you valued the Treasury, what you think $PDTs value is, or share your ideas and ask questions!

Please note that none of the above is financial advice. Trading crypto assets is risky and may result in financial losses.

Trade $PDT, ParagonsDAO’s token, through Uniswap (or use Cowswap/MistX to prevent frontrunning). PDT’s contract address is 0x375abb85c329753b1ba849a601438ae77eec9893.

Check out $PDT on CoinGecko.




We’re an economic and social partner-DAO to promising blockchain-powered gaming ecosystems. Our current focus is the ground-breaking Parallel trading card game. Find $PDT on Uniswap!

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We are The Paragons. We’re an economic and social partner-DAO to promising blockchain-powered gaming ecosystems.

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