We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

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Most people believe that world will be a better place without hackers. Because history teaches us how hackers teared the world down by just alternating the bit world. But that was past. Things have changed. So it is time to change our vision as well.


Who are they? How powerful are they ? What have they done?

First of all we don’t know who they are, that’s why they are called Anonymous. Not only us but the world’s largest and most powerful Intelligence agencies and Law enforcement agents are doing their best to crack this group since years. But still their identities remains hidden and they operate like shadows. But as a group, Anonymous can be identified as bunch of people who believe a free world. A world with no lies.

Moving into more technical aspect, Anonymous is moreover a loose movement. A loose movement is a group that anybody can join and there is no central, single representation of the group. But there are some themes that are more common to Anonymous members such as internet activism and the basic rule is anonymity. Internet activism means where the behavior of operating is mostly via the internet. Other than that there are no any other rules or regulations bind to this organisation. So basically there is no way to know whether a randomly selected person is a member of Anonymous or not. That is the basic meaning of their name.

The birth of this massive organisation was occurred in early 2000 in a message board known as 4chan. At the beginning that was initiated as a joke! Today researchers believe that the nature of this message board was the main reason behind the fast popularity of Anonymous. 4Chan is designed in a way that popular ideas gain more attraction regardless of their origin. (Today this phenomena can be seen in facebook as well. ) So with the aid of the message board the idea of a free world with no more hidings spreaded rapidly.

According to the reviews of tech giants this group is capable of turning down an entire country. Even Though it sounds unrealistic when it compares with the things that they have done there is a very high possibility of happening that.

Actually they have created several landmarks in cyber-security. They have brought down some giant companies that were once told impossible to break. Operation PayBack is one of them. Once Wikileaks released American secrets, world’s foremost financial companies stopped providing financial services for Wikileaks and that blocked the donations for Wikileaks from general public. Since Wikileaks is also in the fight for a free world, Anonymous came into the picture and brought down world famous finance related web servers including PayPal, VISA, MasterCard for several hours. That was a very powerful message for the authorities who thought that there is nothing that can control them. The message of anonymous was, there is always an invisible eye watching you. You can’t hide.

In 2011 they launched another major operation called Operation Dark web. Even though dark web is one of the most mysterious and dangerous areas in the Internet they were able to shut down 40 dark-web child pornographic web sites while revealing identities of more than 1500 child pornographic producers and viewers. That is recorded in the history as the biggest attack that was launched in the dark web and entire world should be thankful to them for the services that they did.

When ISIS was rising all around the world, Anonymous declared a war against them. The day before the attack they mentioned Internet won’t be a safe place for ISIS. As they said they eradicated the ISIS symbol from internet. Even today the ISIS supported activities in internet (mostly in Facebook and twitter) are attacked by the Anonymous.

“If you’re working alone, wear a mask. the mask isn’t for you, but to protect the people you love” — Bruce Wayne : Dark Knight Rises

They don’t work alone. But they also wear a mask — “Guy Fawkes mask”. That is the symbol of Anonymous. There is an quite interesting story behind, this mask being ended up as the official symbol of Anonymous. But that is a story for another day.

“Beneath this mask there is more than flesh, Beneath this mask there is an idea Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.-V for Vendetta”

Still believe all hackers should be extincted from the world? What do you think?

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