Five domain modeling tips to get the best results from CodeBot

Create working software in record time with CodeBot [Photo: MK Hamilton ]

CodeBot from Parallel Agile is a full stack application generator. Give it a domain model and it’ll generate a scalable system in under a minute.

As an added bonus, if you hand it some UI wireframes too, it’ll generate an end-to-end application including a React.js web-app.

As CodeBot is designed to integrate well with agile projects, the idea is that you start with a simple domain model without many details, generate a proof-of-concept, use this to discover new requirements or change existing ones, return to the model and add some details, re-generate, and so on — rinse and repeat, until you have a complete working system ready for the next phase of development.

To get the best results, though, it helps to understand how the details in the model affect what gets generated.

Head over to this article at Level Up Coding/Gitconnected for five key domain modeling tips that’ll help you achieve just that.

Parallel Agile unleashes the “people power” of large teams to get things done faster than small teams can. Give it a try!




We offer training, consultancy, and support for large-scale projects. If this sounds like just what your organization needs, give us a shout at

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