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Another Big Step: DeFi Alliance Accelerator Announcement

Parallel is pleased to announce it has been accepted into the DeFi Alliance Accelerator program!

DeFi alliance has incubated some of the top DeFi projects in the industry. Projects like Synthetix, DYDX, Ribbon, Acala, Loopring, and the list goes on. Access to the accelerator offerings include introductions to market makers, education, mentorship, regional support, and office hours.

It is no coincidence that the projects DeFi Alliance accepts tend to find success in many different areas. The application process is quite selective, and the teams receive networking passes that ultimately to help them reach higher heights.

Some of the stats from previously accelerated projects are quite noteworthy. Acala, for instance, became the first parachain to launch on Kusama. Ribbon Finance, which is a project on Ethereum, recently hit a 100 million dollars in TVL, and they haven’t even launched a token. Synthetix has the largest market cap of any derivatives protocol, and Zerion has one of the most often used decentralized wallet apps in all of blockchain.

As always Parallel is humbled and grateful for this new opportunity, and we look forward to working together!

A special thanks to our partners for their continued support.

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