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Details about Parallel HKO Vesting Schedule

HKO Rewards Balance Structure

We need one runtime to upgrade to distribute all the rewards to our 12606 contributors' wallet addresses. (Which we will update with a new announcement in a few days!)

Your HKO balance contains the following three parts:

Part 1: 1KSM=200HKO;

Part 2: 5% bonus to users who did the contribution before the referral system went live. (Sep.18 02:00:00 UTC)

Part3: 10% referral bonus. 5% for referrer; 5% for referee

We will distribute the full amount for all three parts to your HKO balance. You can find your balance here:

On initial receipt, those tokens are fully locked. They will be unlocked in accordance with our vesting schedule listed below.

HKO Vesting Schedule

Vesting start date: 10/6/2021 (Block #0)

Vesting end date (*Estimate): 8/6/2022 (Block #2160000)

Note*: The vesting end date will be determined by block production, and will be in Block# 2160000. (Might be a few days difference around 8/6/2022)

HKO Vesting Schedule

For example, by 12/6/2021, You will receive 20% of your HKO rewards.


1. What’s the initially available percentage of HKO balance?

by 12/6/2021, You will receive 20% of your HKO rewards.

2. What’s the difference between Balance and Available Balance?

Balance: Your total HKO rewards

Available: Your unlocked HKO rewards

3. When can you transfer the available balance?

We need to do a runtime upgrade to enable /Transfer function. We will announce this part on our Twitter. Please follow our official social accounts to receive the latest updates.

4. Can I claim my available HKO every block?

Yes, you can.

5. Would I need to pay a gas fee for my first claim?

Parallel Heiko has paid the gas fee for all contributors for the first initial claim. But you will need to pay the gas fee afterward when you claim HKO rewards.

6. Where can you claim rewards?

You can directly check and claim all your HKO rewards on Parallel Heiko overview page:

7. Are my HKO rewards automatically distributed to my wallet or do I have to claim them?

You need to claim your rewards whenever you want.HKO rewards are vesting by blocks.

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