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How to maximize your Manta crowdloan bonus: 6 Ways to increase your bonus

Many have asked the question: How do I maximize my Manta crowdloan bonus?

This tutorial will show the best ways to maximize your Manta crowdloan bonus.

Manta users who contribute to Manta crowdloan via Parallel’s Auction Loan product can access — 6 distinct bonuses:

  • Manta’s basic rewards
  • Liquidity event rewards
  • NFT rewards
  • Up to 10% additional Manta bonuses for Auction Loan users
  • 4 PARA for every 1 DOT you contribute (approx: 12% of Parallel’s crowdloan bonus)
  • cDOT as a liquidity asset

In summary, you can access multiple Manta rewards beyond Binance’s warm-up rewards.

How to contribute from Auction Loan to get the maximum crowdloan bonus?

Here is a step to step walkthrough on how to use the Auction Loan product to access all the rewards for Manta users:

Step 1: Go to Auction Loan product

Step 2: Click ‘Connect to Wallet’

Step 3: Choose the project you like to contribute and click ‘Contribute’ button

Step 4: Fill in the amount you want to contribute; click the agree; Then click ‘contribute’. That’s it!

After finishing your contribution, you will be able to see the total DOT you contributed and the bonus you will receive.

How can you use cDOT in the future on Parallel and Manta parachains?

cDOT is the liquid asset you will receive when you contribute your DOT in Parallel’s Auction Loan product.

When you contribute from polkadot.js, your DOT will be locked for two years with no liquidity.

When you contribute to Parallel’s Auction Loan, you will receive cDOT as the liquid asset to use for future DeFi capabilities on Parallel.

Here are a few things you can do with your cDOT on Parallel parachain:

  • Deposit your cDOT in Parallel’s Money Market to earn lending interest
  • Deposit your cDOT to lend out DOT or other assets from Parallel’s Money Market
  • Trade your cDOT in Parallel’s AMM market
  • More usages to come…

Here are a few things you can do with your cDOT on the Manta parachain:

Manta Network is a top-tier privacy parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem. Users can transfer their cDOT to Manta parachain to be used as a privacy token.

You will get a pcDOT, a privacy token of cDOT, and use pcDOT on the Manta parachain to do liquidity mining or used in Manta’s products including Manta Pay.

Learn more about pcDOT:

It’s really exciting to have this interoperability in the Polkadot ecosystem and we are looking forward to your participation!

Let’s get this party started! Vote for Manta’s crowdloan through Parallel’s Auction Loan to earn to maximize your crowdloan bonus!

Learn more about the Manta crowdloan:

Manta crowdloan campaign | Join Manta community

About Manta Network

Manta Network is focused on building a better Web 3.0 with privacy guarantees designed from the first principle: applying cutting-edge cryptographic constructions such as zkSNARKs to deliver end-to-end privacy guarantees for blockchain applications. The project delivers this guarantee while prioritizing interoperability, ease-of-use, high performance and auditability.

How Auction Loan works

Check out this video made by our founder, Yubo Ruan, and how you can earn up to a 40% bonus:

Join Parallel Community:

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