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How to View Acala Rewards

A quick guide on how to check your ACA rewards!

In your web browser go to

On the top of this page select “Accounts” where you’ll see all of your accounts

On your browser wallet click your js Extension and select the three dots next to your Acala Crowdloan account address — select “Allow use on any chain”

Back in your browser at Polkadot.JS switch your relaychain from Polkadot to Acala chain by clicking on the dropdown triangle.

Amongst the chain options listed select “Acala” then “Switch”.

Click on ‘Accounts’ and you should be able to see your vested ACA balance.

**Remember 20% of ACA were distributed instantly to your account while the remaining 80% will vest liberally over the course of the parachain slot lease.**

**Users who contributed to the Acala crowdloan via Parallel will be unable to see their remaining unvested balance, their rewards will automatically be distributed every 24 hours as they vest**



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