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Introducing BIGGER REWARDS on Parallel’s Auction Loan with our New Rewards Pool, Probably Nothing!

Auction Loan:

To celebrate the start of the Polkadot Parachain Auctions, Parallel is increasing all PARA token bonuses for Manta, Litentry, Clover, Astar, Moonbeam, and Acala.

Parallel will provide 20,000,000 PARA tokens to all the 7 crowdloans and more.

Our partners are getting in the mix with many increasing their reward bonus.

Clover is leading the pack with the largest, an additional $5,000,000 worth of CLV!

What’s in this Probably Nothing Pool?

Part 1:

20,000,000 PARA for 7 Crowdloans and more

Part 2:

Clover Crowdloan: $5,000,000 worth CLV

Litentry Crowdloan: $200K worth LIT

Astar Crowdloan: 200K worth ASTR

20,000,000 PARA Rewards Pool for 7 crowdloans

Parallel is rewarding users who contribute to any of our partner's crowdloans with a 20,000,000 PARA reward pool.

Who will share this Probably Nothing Pool?

All contributions to our partner crowdloans will receive a bonus from 20,000,000 PARA. Only crowdloans who win a Parachain auction slot will receive rewards.

Start date: Nov, 12, 2021

7 projects

Acala; Moonbeam; Parallel; Astar; Clover; Manta; Litentry

Clover, Astar, and Litentry have all decided to give out even bigger bonus rewards for all new contributions if their crowdloans win(Please notice this).

Clover Rewards Pool

Clover is so pumped about Parallel they are adding $5 million for new contributions to the Clover crowdloan on Parallel’s Auction Loan product. Rewards will be paid out only if Clover’s parachain auction slot is won.

Litentry Rewards Pool

One of our favorite partners, Litentry, is adding 200K LIT for new contributions to the Litentry crowdloan on Parallel’s Auction loan product. Rewards will be paid out only if Litentry’s parachain auction slot is won.

Astar Rewards Pool

Astar, an amazing Polkadot project, has increased their reward by adding 200,000 ASTR for all contributions on top of their existing bonus rewards to users who contribute from Parallel’s platform Auction loan product. Rewards will be paid out only if Astar’s parachain auction slot is won.

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