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Parallel and Acala Collaborate to Offer Multi-Token Bonuses on All Acala Crowdloan Contributions

Contribute now:

Acala users will receive up to 35% in bonuses

Acala, one of Parallel’s top partners, is providing up to 35% in extra bonuses for all future contributions, in addition to other rewards for users who contribute to the Acala crowdloan from Parallel’s Crowdloan product.

Acala’s bonus for users who contribute from Parallel’s Crowdloan:

Base: 3 ACA +

Referral: 10%

Acala Quests: 2%

Karura Crowdloan Participants: 2% on the first contribution

VIP referral: 10%

Parallel Additional Bonus:

5% additional ACA + 10% additional PARA(1DOT=4PARA) if crowdloan contributions via Parallel total between 1.5M-3M DOT

10% additional ACA + 15% additional PARA(1DOT=4PARA) if crowdloan contributions via Parallel are 3M+ DOT

Acala is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform optimized for DeFi and scaling DApps to Polkadot.

Why you should participate in crowdloans by using Parallel

Parallel Finance launched a crowdloan product to incentivize crowdloan participants with increased utilization of funds and the ability to attain higher returns. Through Parallel’s crowdloan product, users can get multi-token rewards and contribute to any crowdloan on the platform.

In summary, Parallel’s Crowdloan product features are:

  1. Users can participate in any crowdloan

By contributing to crowdloans through Parallel’s platform, users can gain higher returns through additional bonus rewards.


If users participate in the crowdloan through Parallel, they will get: 1 DOT = Project A’s basic reward + X% project A’s extra bonus + Y% Project A’s extra bonus + $PARA bonus

In comparison, participating in project A’s crowdloan through Polkadot.js, they will only earn: 1 DOT = Project A’s basic bonus

2. Users can gain access to early liquidity and are not held up by the 2-year DOT lock up period.

By participating in project A’s crowdloan through Parallel, users will get cDOT-A derivatives. These are liquid assets that can be traded on the AMM DEX or collateralized in the lending market when our parachain launches.

Recently, we announced new partnerships with projects who will be giving bonus rewards for Parallel’s auction loan product users.

How Auction Loan works

Check out this video made by our founder, Yubo Ruan, and how you can earn up to a 40% bonus:

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Parallel Finance is a decentralized lending, staking, and borrowing protocol built on the Polkadot Ecosystem.

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Parallel Finance

Decentralized lending, staking, and borrowing built on the Polkadot Ecosystem.