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Parallel Crowdloan Rewards Finalization: 1 DOT=33 PARA(Base reward) + 76.771 PARA(From remaining part)

Parallel has received a total contribution of 10,751,518.6195417478 DOT.

Contributions via Parallel: 8,538,095.0820717 DOT

Contributions via Polkadot{js}: 542,299.7088 DOT

Contributions via Binance: 1,671,123.8287 DOT

We finished our Parallel crowdloan bonus calculations and 12.5% of the total supply will be distributed amongst Parallel crowdloan contributors.

Overall, Parallel has allocated 1,500,000,000 PARA tokens for our current and future crowdloans. For our first crowdloan, we allocated 1,250,000,000 PARA to our supporters.

12.5% $PARA rewards distribution

  1. Base reward (All contributors): 1 DOT =33 PARA (For Parallel Auction Loan users); 1 DOT=25 PARA (Binance and Polkadot{js} contributors)
  2. Referral bonus (Parallel Auction Loan users): 10% referral bonus, split 5% to the referrer, 5% to the referee
  3. Early bird bonus (Parallel Auction Loan users only): Up to 40% Community Early bird (for contributions <100,000 DOT), check details of early bird bonus:
  4. Remaining $PARA** (All contributors): 1 DOT=76.771 PARA

**The remaining $PARA was calculated from what was remaining in the 1.25B $PARA allocated to the first crowdloan. Any remaining after the base and bonus rewards are being distributed back to our supporters.

Remaining $PARA: 825,404,323.538138753054 $PARA was divided by 10,751,518.6195417478 DOT

Parallel has a total contribution of 10,751,518.6195417478 DOT. The remaining part will be divided by all contributions to the Parallel crowdloan.

Remaining $PARA bonus = 825,404,323.538138753054 PARA / 10,751,518.6195417478 DOT

As such, 1 DOT=76.771 PARA

Remaining part calculation:

Your Parallel crowdloan bonus contains four parts

For contributors, your Parallel crowdloan bonus includes:

base reward + referral bonus + early bird bonus + remaining part bonus

About PARA distribution, vesting schedule, and NFT rewards

We will have a follow-up announcement to release more details of the PARA distribution, vesting schedule, and NFT rewards this week.

Please follow our official channels to receive the latest updates.

Reference of Parallel crowdloan rules:



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