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Parallel Crowdloan Strategy: Earn Up To 40% Early Bird Bonus!

Parallel Crowdloan and Polkadot Auction

Parallel officially launched the Auction Loan product last week, which enables the community to contribute to parachain auctions early and earn additional bonus project rewards. The Polkadot parachain auction’s official start date is November 11, 2021.

Parallel’s crowdloan officially begins on November 4, 2021! You can earn up to 40% bonus by contributing early!

Earn up to 50% extra bonus in Parallel crowdloan

Total $PARA Supply: 10,000,000,000

Crowdloan Allocation: 1,500,000,000

Crowdloan Allocation %: 15%

Parallel’s Parachain slot lease: 96 weeks

Vesting $PARA: approximately 24 months linear release (every block)

Parallel crowdloan rewards system

There are 4 kinds of rewards, and you can access them all by contributing from Parallel’s Auction Loan product.

Parallel Base Reward:

  • 1 DOT = 33 PARA, for users contributing on Auction Loan product
  • 1 DOT = 25 PARA, for users contributing on Polkadot{JS}

Referral Bonus: Receive 10% bonus in $PARA when you use a referral code; it will be split 5% to referrer and 5% to referee. The bonus will be based on the per DOT contributions.

Community Early bird: Receive up to 40% bonus when you contribute early to Parallel’s crowdloan (for contributions <100K DOT)

  • 40% bonus for every $DOT contributions made before 11/13/21
  • 20% bonus for every $DOT contributions made on 11/13/21–11/16/21
  • 10% bonus for every $DOT contributions made on 11/17/21–11/23/21
  • 5% bonus for every $DOT contributions made on 11/24/21–11/30/21
  • 2.5% bonus for every $DOT contributions made on 12/1/21–12/7/21

NFT: Parallel will be rewarding 1,000 NFTs to 1,000 randomly selected contributors. These NFTs will have utility on Parallel’s platform.

How to Contribute to Parallel’s crowdloan

Parallel’s Auction Loan product

Parallel Auction Loan: How to contribute and maximize crowdloan rewards
  1. Go to: This link can also be used to get a 5% bonus on your contributions: referral link.
  2. Select Parallel’s crowdloan and click “Contribute”
Parallel Auction Loan: Overview

3. Enter a DOT amount to contribute and agree to the terms. Earn extra referral bonus by referring a friend or using a valid code.

4. Click ‘Contribute’ and confirm your transaction.

Parallel Auction Loan: Contributions

What’s next?

We are excited for Parallel’s crowdloan launched on November 4, 2021. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Twitter and in our Telegram channels. These will be the fastest way to see the updates related to our crowdloan launch and our partner’s crowdloan dates, offerings, and bonuses. Parallel is committed to delivering DeFi to a billion people and the next week is a massive step towards that goal.

Join Parallel Community:

Join Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Website | Auction loan | Money Market



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