The blurring lines — Web Design vs Development

Over the last year with the evolution of responsive web design and modern Web Design tools like Adobe Reflow and Webflow, the buzz in town is that lines have blurred and we don’t need two people doing design and development.

But is it really so ? Probably yes if you need a average website or are a startup working on creating a minimum viable product and it can be done by using reusable components and frameworks like Bootstrap and themes from themeforest. But when it comes to creating a really awesome communication website or a really pleasing app redefining User Experience, they need more than just front-end programming skills. It needs a great designer who understands the users, has innovative communication ideas, good typography/layout, graphics & aesthetic sense and lots more. You need some who has spend 10,000 hours doing design and is a great web designer in true sense. And in my experience in working with both these types of professionals, people who are really good at both are Unicorns,which are really hard to find.

Thats where there is the need of a good front-end developer or agency who really understands the fine details of design while at the same time staying on the cutting edge of latest enhancements in frontend technologies and best practices. The ideal situation is both designers and developers walk few steps towards each other and have a basic understanding of respective domains so that they can collaborate well and create magic and not try to be a jack of both and good at none.

And its our sincere effort to solve this problem of developer-designer disconnect at Parallel Labs and create magic. Would love to know your views and would be happy if you agree to disagree.

Originally published at on February 13, 2014.