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2 min readOct 21, 2021


What no one tells you about a paradigm shift is that either opponents of new ideas will come to understand them for their difference and value, or an entirely new generation is required before the shift is realized. NFTs represent a paradigm shift in our understanding of digital ownership and add new dimensionality to the fundamentals of how and why we interact with blockchain.

Parallel is building the holy grail of trading card games that will utilize NFTs and combine digital and physical via AR in ways that nobody has seen before. Creating unique and original forms of TCG gameplay while simultaneously telling an engaging and evolving story through card artwork [as well as other mediums]. Parallel won’t just be for the technically inclined, it will be for everyone — we have a lot of work to do to be able to bring Parallel to the world but we have a little help from our community and friends…

We are excited to announce that Paradigm has invested $50M into Parallel to help us realize these goals. Paradigm’s conviction, technical expertise and enthusiasm for the game we are building makes them the perfect partners to Prime with. Together, we will build monumental and memorable experiences further cementing the legacy of Parallel into the stars and on chain.

We would also like to thank our existing investors including Chad Hurley [First Investor & Team Member], Focus Labs, OSS Capital, Yunt Capital, Ram Shriram, Gabe Leydon, Polygon, NFTBigBrain, Substreight, Niels de Ruiter, bitcoinpalmer, and RebelSpy.

None of this would be possible without our community and the fellowship of the Prime Keepers. As a thank you from the Parallel team, we have a special faucet to mark the “Paradigm Shift”.

The Paradigm Shift Faucet will go live tomorrow on, Friday October 22nd @ 5pm EDT [Link to be shared on Twitter]. The Faucet will hold both Day & Night cards [as well as their Special Edition versions] and 1 Masterpiece in celebration of our new partnership.

Set a course for Deep Space. CAINE-1’s departure is imminent.

Kalos + The Parallel Team

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