The Vault

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2 min readFeb 26, 2022


The Vault is an upgrade to the smart contract Pack Release System PR[SYS].

PR[SYS] is the contract architecture by which all cards are distributed to their owners. In previous pack drops, PR[SYS] managed the distribution of cards based on broader Ethereum network conditions — the system released cards in batches depending on network congestion.

The Vault serves as an upgrade to this architecture offering the owner of a card the ability to choose when to claim a particular card from The Vault to their wallet. The owner will pay the active network gas fee for the transaction. In order to trade a card on a secondary marketplace, the card must be withdrawn from The Vault. In the future, users will be able to trade ownership of their cards with other users within The Vault, effectively trading them without needing to remove them from The Vault.

Users may choose to leave the cards in The Vault in the event of high gas conditions. The cards are still held in The Vault contract and tied to the account & wallet address that paid for the pack(s), and may be viewed on the website.

On the “My Cards” page on the Parallel website, cards in the vault will be displayed with an icon next to their name.

Cards in The Vault show a “lock” icon to the left of its name.

Clicking on the overflow menu of a particular card will allow a user to initiate a transfer from The Vault to their wallet.

Click the overflow menu to initiate a transfer.

Multiple cards may be transferred to the same wallet address at the same time.

Multiple cards may be selected for transfer.

Once confirmed, a user may transfer all selected cards from The Vault to the wallet that owns the cards.

User may confirm the selected cards before proceeding.

Note: If a user purchases packs via MoonPay (credit/debit card), The Vault is not utilized; cards will be distributed via PR[SYS] in the same manner as previous pack drops.