I used to sing Marvin
so that I could win 
her ivory smiles, 
with the words 
of a lonely preacher’s son.

Marvin, you never did me wrong.

’Cause a fighter’s gotta have
something other
than the warring shuffle 
of a bruiser’s feet…
Softer hands to calm his down.

I was my own Trouble Man.

Marvin, I wept when you fell…
Who will sing my soul for me now?
Even though she tells me
how we’re better off, 
that I can put my fists down…

She don’t understand, and
I can’t explain…

My man, Marvin.

I wrote this from the perspective of a boxer who cannot stop fighting in spite of himself, to mirror his idol’s own troubles in his life.

Marvin Gaye was known for his silky smooth singing, but he was also an avid boxer who struggled deeply in his personal life, particularly in his relationships with women.

Marvin was shot to death by his father, a minister, during an argument. It was speculated that he may have goaded his father to do so, and as such, it was only fitting that Marvin had an album called ‘Trouble Man’.

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