There is undeniable serenity,
in dangling shoe-bound feet
over the sea of rush hour greed.
A mile above the dissonance,
ignoring the honks and curses — 
to sip the spice and flavours of urban reality.

Thoughts of security wane
when winged thoughts skip;
skimming across undulating
electric-lit dreams.
Train-bound — the fantasies dive, 
derail and thrive,
beyond timetables’ caveats 
and tick-tockability.

When the streetlights glow
and drunken splendour’s spent…
You know it’s time. 
To veil the eyes, draw the blinds
and hide from hands that flex Socratic muscles –
adding bustle with graffiti’s tussles.
In the morning, the words will greet you, just for a year:

“I didn’t know enough,
but I know I was here.”

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