Twilight Suburbia

Paper boy chasing tissue dreams,
Pale balloons in hand.
Gleaming moonlight shivers,
White picket fences to dance.

Come outside, let’s play,
 Spotless dog with stick;
 Chasing ‘round luminous globes,
 Slick fur matched with quick feet.

Platinum set jewels,
Stainless steel frying pans,
Doesn’t make me a housewife,
Doesn’t make you any less a man.

Tonight you’ll dry the dishes,
 And I’ll have dishpan hands.
 Let’s play a game of chess together,
 White rook to king’s dead end.

Tuck worn child in to sleep,
Little face with incandescent hair.
Cool kiss brushed on gentle brow,
Dreamless, hue-less, without a care.

Strange old Suburbia House,
 How illusory you stand.
 Neither life nor death knows thee,
 Common life, a stranger to your land.

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