Blockchain technology and the thought mechanism.

Krishna Moorthy D
Jun 22, 2018 · 5 min read
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Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto (or whoever it is) for pulling out a brilliant technology named “Block chain”.

I started my first blog called mockbyte on cryptocurrencies (especially bitcoin) in 2014 and I had lots of good and bad experiences with crypto’s.

I should accept the fact that crypto is no more a trend these days, but I can see a lot of companies, algorithms and people implementing block chain technology everywhere to make their existing system efficient.

I had a thought one day to discover the possibilities in implementing the block chain technology with in my behaviour and thoughts so that I could be public but anonymous at the same time!


let me explain!

Open (Public)

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I know I’m not a company to go public, but being open to people is working with me. Let’s take the primary example of a kid (a 2 year old kid approx).

The kid is not worried about anything, he just needs his favorite food on time (no broccoli's please) and the right sleep to stay happy all the time. I accept the fact that a kid cries much more than you do, but they’re still happy.

Is it because they’re open? (not naked though).

I’ve met a lot of good people and they could be grouped into three access specifiers, public, private and protected.

Protected( ) — They are the kind of people who doesn’t share anything with others, they keep everything within themselves so tight that they could be feeling insecure all the time. They don’t trust anybody, they keep some very close friends and they are a bit open to them (but the interesting part is that they’ll open up with their close ones and then regret later).

Interesting indeed (so damn mysterious).

Private( ) — They are kind of open to people, interacts with a comfortable group and keeps their own secrets with them (they might not even share that with closed ones in most cases). They have some trademark algorithms to move and keep their data safe into the locker.

Looks like that’s the majority.

Public( ) — They are very open to any kind of people and doesn’t belong to a single group. They interact a lot, meet new people and open (upto 80%) with public. They don’t care what others are thinking about them, they are not really worried about sharing anything (literally). But they are the ones who get trapped very easily and they get used a lot.

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I was extremely protected (when I was 14) in the beginning, then slowly I adapted and changed to private (after my 18’s) then now, I’m public (kind of more than public to honest).

I decided to become public because it’s a brilliant stress buster, you don’t have to keep a lot of things tight into your brain (because you’re public). It’s like you’ve something very serious going on in your head and then getting along with a friend over a coffee to share what’s going on.

I don’t need a coffee nor a friend, I’m public!

After when I became public, people started using me a lot, and I started falling in traps (without even knowing them earlier), but I noticed something very strange.

People can only use you or let you fall in their psychological trap when you give them to permission to analyse your thoughts. It’s not about being public, it’s all about keeping the mechanism of your thoughts anonymous.

Let’s put block chain technology into this,

We need a public ledger to log the transactions and each and every transactions are public where anyone can see the details of it. But take a deep look, the transactions are anonymous in nature.

That’s the advantage of block chain technology.

You’re a public ledger, and your thoughts are the transactions. Anyone can see, analyse and go, but no one can see how you crafted it nor they can have access to the depth of the thought your just generated.

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

It’s simply like a kid enjoying the rain because he doesn’t have to worry about being sick nor he’s worried about being wet. But what exactly is happening inside his brain?

You can definitely make a guess and it might be true, but are you sure about that’s what he’s thinking? That’s anonymous indeed.

Implementing block chain technology is easy. Just keep your thoughts public (let anyone have access to it and make it open source), but keep the anonymity within the thought mechanism.

Your thoughts in public shouldn’t let the public completely estimate your thought mechanism (just like the kid).

I’ve been experimenting this since the last one year (with minimalism) and the results are just brilliant. I could stay happy for no reason, I couldn’t really feel my body weight and I’m flying. I’m simply keeping myself open to the public and making myself less usable.

Though my close ones and really good at analysing my thought mechanism and they could easily use me (and I’m super happy being used by them).

If you really wanna try this out, just write down your thoughts which you don’t want to share with people and have a deep close look at it with your heart (is there a need to keep them private or protected?)

You’ll find at least 50% of your thoughts which could be shared with public. Go ahead, share it with people and you’ll feel what I’m talking about (you’ll become weightless).

Let me know your experience, also feel free to ask your doubts (maybe I can help you on that). Learn more about blockchain technology here.

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my personal blog to share my experiences, travelogue, experiments with google and brand building. I’d prefer being active here rather than on the social media profiles. I’m a full time blogger and founder of an Internet company known as Dike.

Krishna Moorthy D

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converting complex to simple with the power of Internet. Blogger and content writer since 2014, love writing on medium (in a relationship actually).

Parallel space

my personal blog to share my experiences, travelogue, experiments with google and brand building. I’d prefer being active here rather than on the social media profiles. I’m a full time blogger and founder of an Internet company known as Dike.

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