WhatsApp ticketing system to control your emotions.

Krishna Moorthy D
May 12, 2018 · 5 min read

I hate whatsapp (I seriously hate it), I hate all kinds of social media services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It’s just so irritating and distracting enough to make you a complete failure in your life.

OK, I know the fact that there are people making money out of facebook, Instagram and they do business with WhatsApp.

Trust me, I was one of them. 80% of my revenue in 2015 was generated from Facebook (running ads and networking with potential clients). I had lots of deals going on with whatsapp, but the only bad thing was,


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I’m liable to accept the fact I’m not emotionally intelligent enough to handle social media services and the business potential inside it, but things happened a bit differently and it was too confusing in the beginning.

Yes, I deleted Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram to quickly get rid of all my bad emotions and stress that was going on inside my head due to intense social pressure (coming from social media) and distractions (coming from social media) and bad emotions (the same).

It was like a quick restart, suddenly one day I don’t feel like picking up my phone (it was so useless) and I started spending more time on my laptop learning new things and improving my skills without any kinds of distraction.

But, I became jobless

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My primary revenue source was cut down (but I made sure that all my clients was happy and I finished every single work I had before cleaning up my social media accounts).

Few days before deleting those accounts, I just had few friends and relatives messaging me on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Then after not using the services for 3 months, I felt really great and I wrote an article about my experience.

but then I came back to Facebook (not for business),


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No it’s not weird, it’s because I was broke as hell. I had no money to manage my expenses and I had literally nothing. But that single thought of coming back after enjoying the 3 months with proper bliss-fullness changed the way I dealt with social media.

I was searching for the median (yes, that’s the key). In the 3 months time, I learned a bit more about minimalism and my character started moulding towards it without any prior notice.

I was becoming a minimalist and that helped me a lot.

Right now (Tickets)

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I came back to facebook, spent some good time with only friends and relatives and then I slowly deleted it as I planned (that was a psychological calm down). Accept it, you cannot easily get rid of these social media services like Facebook, it takes good psychological work to stay away from it.

I started a new WhatsApp account (only business) on a different number primarily to deal with my old clients and the other business activities I was upto.

I initiated this ticket system within WhatsApp and Gmail (the only two things I actively use everyday). Every email or every contact messaging you is a ticket, after when you finish the job, you should delete the message from WhatsApp which keeps your WhatsApp clean.

Unimaginable? It’s easy!

In terms of Gmail you can use Google Inbox to swipe off your emails after when you’re done with the job, by doing that your email looks clean and your email data will be safe with Google (available on both Gmail and Inbox).

In the case of WhatsApp, I created another WhatsApp account with an old sim card I had and named it notepad. If I want to store something out of the messages which I’m going to delete, I’ll forward it to notepad and keep it as a note.

Right now when I’m writing this, I’ve 5 emails on my Gmail (total of 5 showing up) and 2 WhatsApp chats (one of them is notepad).

How clean is that? I mean, how minimal is that?

Most importantly, I got all my major clients back on track with me and I now have more works than usual with LinkedIn (which I don’t even open once in a month, I get email notifs on important activities).

I love opening my WhatsApp account now, I love looking at my Gmail these days just because whenever I hear a notification, I know that’s a business deal coming in for me (ting).

I never wanted to delete anything, but I hated it so damn seriously. I just wanted to put myself into the median point where I spent less than 10% of my time on these services and 90% on work and learning.

I believe I reached that point where I get enough business communications from WhatsApp and Gmail, I’ve a facebook page which is managed by one of my close friend (he has a super inactive facebook account) and I even run facebook ads with his account to keep the business going.

Best part of the game is that I now have at-most satisfaction at my work and I’m constantly learning from the Internet. I spent good time with people, interacting in real life and I spent very less time on WhatsApp and Gmail.

Social media is never a distraction again for me, it’s obviously making me stay happy and keeping myself calm. Honestly I wish I had no phone until my last breath, but as a developer working in this industry, I cannot do that.

But right now, I’m at the best point in the graph according to my usage and I’d seriously recommend you to try it out. It’s sooo good that I couldn’t put in words, your emotions will get a lot better (I’m super happy since months).

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my personal blog to share my experiences, travelogue, experiments with google and brand building. I’d prefer being active here rather than on the social media profiles. I’m a full time blogger and founder of an Internet company known as Dike.

Krishna Moorthy D

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converting complex to simple with the power of Internet. Blogger and content writer since 2014, love writing on medium (in a relationship actually).

Parallel space

my personal blog to share my experiences, travelogue, experiments with google and brand building. I’d prefer being active here rather than on the social media profiles. I’m a full time blogger and founder of an Internet company known as Dike.

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