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Monolith users can now swap ERC/ETH-20 tokens straight from the app & at the best rates, thanks to their ParaSwap integration.

ParaSwap is now integrated natively into the Monolith wallet

Monolith — a non-custodial contract wallet paired with a debit card to spend your ETH & ERC-20 in real life — just released an integration of ParaSwap in the wallet mobile application to facilitate their users’ swaps. It marks another milestone for both projects to facilitate easy access to a clear and convenient token exchange service.

The Monolith Account

Monolith offers a contract wallet to help users secure their assets, as well as a visa debit card so they can spend conveniently. It effectively provides an Ethereum wallet one step away from a purchase in the real-world through the card.

With the addition of ParaSwap (v2), Monolith users can now swiftly exchange ETH & ERC-20 tokens and access different decentralized finance services in a few taps.

The implementation of ParaSwap v2 with our improved MultiPath enables Monolith users to switch from one DeFi protocol to another with minimal friction & efficient gas utilization.

While the ParaSwap fee contract is now live, the current Monolith integration runs without any extra fee — making it one of the most cost-efficient swap services available on mobile.

The Monolith team took great care in making the experience as easy to understand as possible. They included a USD-based dollar estimation on each side of the trade to help their users understand slippage and included color-labeled warnings when the slippage is over 1.5%.

ParaSwap provides an efficient and elegant Swap solution for Monolith’s users. Mounir has been a responsive and supportive partner throughout, and we look forward to building on top of Paraswap as they continue to innovate. We believe that this Paraswap integration is a small step in ensuring that our users have seamless access to the breath of new DeFi protocols and services.

Mischa Tuffield — CTO of Monolith

You can try out ParaSwap v2 by yourself or with the Monolith Wallet.

We will be having a joint live stream with Monolith next Monday to discuss the integration & everything DeFi. Join here.

Curious? Join the discussion about ParaSwap in our Telegram and follow our growth on the Dune Analytics dashboard.



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