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Token curated playlists #1: thoughts on staking and consumer applications

Has the time for decentralised curation finally arrived? If so, will we ever notice it?

Illustrations by Agata Krych
Staking: locking tokens that may be lost, as a punishment, if you fail to perform a function; or multiplied, as an incentive, if you perform such function well. Illustration by Agata Krych

Demonetisation and the fallacy of profitable niche-content

Curation for whom?

  • Platform-centric: filtering out videos that infringe top-down content policies.
  • User-centric: sorting the relevance of videos in order to provide individual recommendations and approximate creators to their potential audiences.
  • Advertiser-centric: curating or validating the content alongside which specific media buyers will end up showing.
Photo by Frank Okay on Unsplash

Playing favourite: the Hollywood of the Internet

How to get out of this quicksand?

A short history of TCRs

The general flow

challenging an application, from the AdChain whitepaper.

Token curated playlists

modified upon a design of the AdChain team.

Smart tokens for smart playlists (or “child TCRs”)

Contextual segmentation through TCPs

2 levels of Token Curated Playlists under a mother-TCR.

The relationship between mother and child-TCRs

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