VersaMe Invited to White House Symposium

Palo Alto, Calif., March 21, 2016 — Education pioneer VersaMe was selected by the White House to participate today in a gathering of organizations committed to advancing early STEM education. The event, called the White House Early STEM Symposium, is organized in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Education and Health and Human Services. Secretary of Education, John King, will be in attendance. VersaMe was invited based on its commitment to provide STEM resources for 1,000,000 families at home and in informal settings regardless of family income, language spoken, or education level, by 2019. It will fulfill its commitment by creating STEM focused tips and activities for its Starling app. You can see the commitment on

VersaMe launched in October 2015 with a mission to help all children fulfill their potential. Recent research shows that the number of words children hear before age four is one of the biggest predictors of their future cognitive, social and emotional success. VersaMe’s flagship product, the Starling, tracks words spoken to a child each day, which helps to ensure parents never miss a chance to enrich their child’s knowledge. The Starling pairs with a mobile app that provides analytics and gives parents age-appropriate tips and daily activity ideas.

“We’re inspired by President Obama’s Early Learning Initiative that focuses on improving outcomes for children from birth to age five,” said VersaMe co-founder Chris Boggiano. “Our core belief is that technology can positively impact caregiver behavior, specifically helping to increase STEM exposure at a young age. With the Starling, we can simplify and make STEM more approachable for parents and children so that it becomes the natural course of daily life.”

Through the STEM Starts Early program, the White House hopes to advance its focus on STEM experiences by identifying research gaps, best practices and education technologies to support our youngest learners, parents and caregivers, educators and community leaders.

“Children have a natural curiosity that drives them to explore and investigate the world around them. Sadly, that sense of wonder, which is a character trait of our best scientists and explorers, is often lost as kids get older,” said Roberto J. Rodriguez, Deputy Assistant to the President for Education. “VersaMe and the other organizations who are making commitments here today, recognize the importance of cultivating curiosity in order to foster a lifelong love of STEM learning.”

About VersaMe

Started by parents and driven by research, VersaMe has created the world’s first education baby wearable for kids. The company is building tools to improve child development during their most formative years, including the flagship product, the Starling. The companion app shows data in real time, provides tips on how to increase word count when needed, and demonstrates the direct and immediate impact words have on a child’s development. Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, a caregiver or a family friend, the Starling lets everyone play a role in building the educational foundation for future generations. To learn more and to start using your words with your kids, visit

This piece was originally posted at VersaMe created the Starling the world’s first wearable engagement tracker that helps encourage and reinforce positive parenting behaviors.

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