Jutta Steiner recently announced Fredrik Harrysson (Twitter, GitHub) as Parity’s new CTO. I sat down with Fredrik to chat about his vision for Parity’s software development, open source software, company culture, and the future of blockchain tech.

You can catch Fredrik during Berlin Blockchain Week where he’ll be co-hosting Zero Knowledge Summit, and moderating panels at ETHBerlin and Dezentral.

What’s your background?

What interested you in working at Parity?

A big part of my life has been removing technical debt, and Parity was one of the companies with the least amount of technical debt I’ve seen.

How has technology development changed since you’ve taken over as CTO?

What’s your vision for the future of Parity’s products?

My hope is that we will be able to clearly communicate all the great things we’ve built, something we have partially failed at in the past, and that it becomes really easy to use the infrastructure we support. I also really hope that with better communication we get more community contributions — we can’t do everything ourselves, and we need the community to come together to help us build the future.

Of course we think the future of Parity is bright: we have a great lineup of products to come, we’re expanding the company rapidly, and there’s a grander vision of what the company can be that I work on with the rest of the team. I look forward to sharing more on that vision in the future.

What’s your vision for Parity’s software development?

What are you doing to ensure secure development?

Has anything changed with how Parity works with community contributors?

What’s the best way for community contributors to get started?

We try to label our issues so that it’s easy to see what issues can be picked up easily or are good for first-time contributors. There’s still a gap that needs to be bridged in getting up to speed on domain-specific knowledge, so we encourage people to ask questions in the chat to help bridge that gap. We want to start publishing more “Getting Started” material in the readmes and wikis of the various projects as that’s still lacking in many places.

What’s something interesting that you find people often don’t know about Parity development?

What’s your favorite thing about Parity?

What’s your favorite aspect of Parity’s culture?

What’s your interest and experience in open source software?

How does your role as co-host of Zero Knowledge Podcast inform your development perspective?

What’s your vision for blockchain tech?

There seems to be two fundamental use-cases for blockchain today: decentralising things across the world, like currency and other assets, and removing trust and middlemen in a known environment, like consortium chains. I think in the future the gap between these two needs to close and the consortium environment needs to be able to communicate with the rest of the world for the fully decentralised vision to come true.

Originally published at paritytech.io on August 17, 2018.



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