How-to create a Facebook Page for your Parks and Recreation Department

Information about your programs and events need to be seen by parents in your community. Those parents spend a lot of time on Facebook.

You might already be sharing some info about your agency on your personal Facebook account. But a Parks and Recreation Department should have its own home on Facebook. You can create one with a Facebook Page.


Its free and easy to create a Facebook Page. Follow these steps.

  1. Log into your personal Facebook account. You can’t create a page without having an account first.
  2. Visit this address:
This is what you see when you start the process of creating a page.

3. Select the box: Company, Organization or Institution.

This is what you see after you select the Company, Organization or Institution box

4. Select Government Organization in the Category dropdown, and input the name of your Parks and Recreation department.

5. Step through the screens of the wizard.

6. All done. Here is your page:


Now that you have a Facebook Page, how can you use it to spread your news? Here is an article that can help you promote your program on Facebook.

Check out more how-to’s for Parks and Recreation, in the Park Rec Tech publication here on Medium.

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