Are Your Investments Safe? Transparency, Security & Smart Contracts for Parkade Coins

You should never feel uncertain about your investments. Regardless of the amount of risk you’ve chosen to take when investing your money, you should know that your investments are being protected in every possible way.

At, we’ve taken extra precautions with investment information and digital security. We want all our investors to know about the steps we’ve taken to protect their information, security, and investments.

100% Transparency

Our team is dedicated to absolute transparency in our operations. We’ve laid out every step of our Parkade Coin ICO, token sales, and investment strategy in thewhitepaper on our website. You can also sign up for notifications to receive the most up-to-date information on the progress of the sale and investments.

Social, Environmental, and Ethical Responsibility

At, our aim is to improve parking in cities around the globe. Responsibility and stability go hand-in-hand when it comes to safe investments. We feel an ethical responsibility not only to our stakeholders, but to the people and places our business will impact. Since is set to be a global parking solution, it’s important that the strategy works well in every city it touches.

We will also be fully committed to creating sustainable and ecologically-friendly solutions in our parking developments. Lessening the impact on the environment is something that benefits everyone.

Smart Contracts

Our token and tokensale smart contracts are designed for ultimate security. We build these on OpenZeppelin Solidity Templates for the most rigorously tested and true security. Our processes have been tested both independently and in-house, with all appropriate 3rdparty audits completed on smart contracts.

Secure Website & Transactions

We’ve spent considerable time on encrypting our website. The website’s SSL certificate uses an asymmetric 2048-bit key length algorithm, and a 256-bit encryption. That means more security for your browsing and transactions.

Personal accounts have been designed with advanced security features and options. This includes secure login details, daily virus scans, and more.

To learn more about other firewalls, certificates, and security measures on the website, and find the security section on our whitepaper.

Costs, Proceeds & Conditions

In addition to digital security, we’ve added a layer of personal protection by releasing all the necessary facts about the costs and purchasing conditions of the Parkade Coin ICO and token sale. Our whitepaper includes information about the distribution of Parkade Coins, the various release dates, their associated benefits, and potential circumstances that could affect the timeline of the launch.

All investors are required to do due diligence with thorough research. We encourage you to visit the website and sign up for notifications for up-to-date information.