Limited-Time Offer:Get 25% Bonus When You Purchase Parkade Coins During the Pre-Sale

Parkade Coin Token Pre-Sale Bonus Period: August 30th to September 13th

The Parkade team is excited to announcea special bonus offer pricing for Parkade Coins. The special token bonus will constitute the pre-sale of tokens. From August 30th– September 13th, investors will be able to buy Parkade Coins and receive a 25% bonus. This is a limited time opportunity to reward our early investors.

Save Money or Invest More!

The full price of Parkade Coin will be $0.50 cents per token (in American dollars). During the pre-saleoffer period, with the same initial investment you will get 25% more tokens.

Invest in the Opportunity to Participate at 25% for a Limited Time

In many cities, downtown parking spaces are so scarce that prices have skyrocketed. The demand for affordable and convenient parking is widespread.

For a limited time, investors will have the opportunity to expand their token portfolios in a market that depends on a highly limited resource. By creating new ways for people to access convenient and affordable parking, and the infrastructure purchased from the ICO will create massive benefits for both token holders and the general public.

Parkade Coin holders will have the right to participate in profits generated by assets owned by the company.Coin holders are entitled to 50% of the net profits from parking operations and mobile application, as well as will have a VIP ability to park in the available spaces.

Interested in learning more about the other benefits our investors will have access to? Visit our site to view our White Paper for more details on incentives.

Calling All Token& Real Estate Investors!

If you know anyone who invests in cryptocurrencies, Parkade Coin will likely be of interest to them. 100% of the net proceeds of the ICO will be invested into parking spots, lots and parkades. Parkade Coin holders will have the right to participate in profits generated by assets owned by the company.

Real estate investors will also be interested in Parkade Coin, as the shares will be used to purchase and develop parking real estate and technology. Our real estate experts will be sourcing properties and parking lots in major cities across Canada, the United States, and Europe. To learn more about our experienced team, view their profiles.

In addition, sharing Parkade Coin and to your friends and family has its benefits, with a fully automated Bounty Program offered to the community. Visit our website and signup to get more details on how the bounty program works. You will be able to share our posts on Twitter and Instagram, Facebook and more…

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Mark your calendar now for August 30th to September 13th!