Reimagining the iOS Springboard

Redesigned iPhone Springboard

iOS has always been designed for the everyday user. But what if one day, Apple decided to alter it for power users. This is the result of that idea, at least from my perspective. My concept turns springboard into a grid for app previews, widgets, and your icons. You’d still tap and hold an item to rearrange the home screen but you’d be able to place widgets in spaces in addition to apps. You can even 3D touch an icon in jiggle mode to make it show a preview of the app instead of just the icon. This lets you peek into the app before opening it. When you rotate your iPhone into landscape mode, you’ll see that all of your apps appear as a series of cards. You can scroll horizontally to see them all. You can even rearrange them. At the bottom of the home screen in portrait is a text box that lets you ask Siri a question. You can also keep an extra app in your dock. I’ve also removed the icon labels as most users know their favorite apps by icon.