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Visions and Visioning

A thought experiment is a hypothetical situation in which a hypothesis is laid out for the purpose of thinking through its consequences. Thought experiments are performed in the imagination and are set up in such a way that humans can “visualize the world” in which the hypothesis is being tested; this is done to hone the plans for a brick-and-mortar experiment […][1]

Thought experiments have served as the basis for brick-and-mortar experiments for generations. Galileo may never have dropped balls from the top of the leaning towers, but he did devise a thought experiment that provided insights into gravity and realized that acceleration due to gravity doesn’t depend on the mass of an object. The thought experiment catalyzed brick-and-mortar experiments that many would say influenced Einstein’s subtle theory of gravity, which is rooted in the equivalence principle, the idea that gravity and acceleration are essentially the same thing — as Galileo glimpsed in his thought experiment in the 17th century.[2]

“You had to take into account the people, the motives, the worldbuilding, and other hurdles along the way,” Christopher Nolan told The Hollywood Reporter.

An important operation involved in performing thought experiments is worldbuilding.[3] Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an imaginary world and is a fundamental creative process in creating video games. Developing the imaginary world with coherent qualities such as histories, geographies, and physics are key to worldbuilding, especially within the creative content context (movies, video games).[4]

Another important operation involved in performing thought experiments is visioning.[5] Visioning is often performed by teams and organizations as part of an overall strategic planning session — where, for instance, revising the organization’s vision statement is often tasked.[6][JM1]

Although what catalyzed the overall ParkHealth effort can largely be attributed to ParkHealth’s environment, the vision, and the deconstruction of that vision into missions, projects, and systems (to be built) was entirely self-directed and deliberate. Inklings about solutions that might impact all of humanity can largely be attributed to environment, but honing that inkling into thought experiments and then into vision statements that can be atomized further into missions and systems: this is deliberate.

Humanity First

The common vision statement will position the author-organization as the subject. Sweetgreen’s vision is of the company, inspiring healthier communities by connecting people to real food.[7] The Walt Disney Company’s corporate vision is to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.[8]

Though these vision statements have served organizations well in the past, — and has served society in many respects well — markets are evolving to further and deepen the integration of digital technologies such as internet and blockchain technologies. The result of this digitalization is wider distribution of information, education, knowledge, and eventually wisdom.[9] [Recall that measuring wisdom involves analyzing variables such as self-efficacy, openness to experience, self-acceptance, and self-regulation. Analyzing general wisdom involves evaluating fluid and crystallized intelligences.[10]]

More durable vision statements position humanity as the subject. The initiated have long realized that thinking of humanity first as opposed to organization first, creates a greater self-corrective foundation for future revisions. As vision statements are periodically revisited and revised, during the revision process is when the organization is most vulnerable; when “genetic alterations” to the organization can either vastly and radically transform the organization for the better or worse.

ParkHealth’s vision is of a humanity stands in stark contrast to the belligerent word use error-prone toddler-society depicted by such mass media producers of the early 2020s as CNN and Fox News. A humanity that succeeds in traversing the vast distances between galaxies is one that radically grown its intelligence and wisdom and exercises a kind of self-direction (social coordination) that would have been unimaginable to most humans in the 2020s.

To realize that vision — to succeed — , we start small. Baby steps. Baby missions. It’s in the mission statement that it is nonnegotiable that the task be assigned to the author-organization. In the early 2020s, ParkHealth’s baby mission was to learn, then to teach widely. What to learn, how to teach, and how to do so widely (with impact) is achieved by atomizing, deconstructing each of those mission-constituents.

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[9] Recall the discussions on the practicing of physically walking to a dictionary to recall the definition of a particular word; the time expended, the effort expended as a ratio to calories expended […]

[10] Recall that humanity is indivisible, cannot be atomized into clusters of humans and that […]



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