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Open-protocol, ParkHealth OER. Fusion of teaching media and functional unit used to measure education. Please consider supporting this effort by visiting our Amazon Vella series and OpenSea collection.

Open Education Resources (OERs)

Open educational resources (OERs) are learning and teaching media (McGreal, 2017). Common OER media include books, videos, social media, school course media, seminar media, and so on. The ParkHealth OER media technology accounts for ownership, authorship, and attribution; real-time utility and use transactional data; price, fees, royalties, and licensing; common identifier integration (ISBN, LOC, etc.), licensing, and more.

ParkHealth OER Protocol and Functional Unit. [Not a mere token. Not mere media.]

The operative principle in OER is “open,” as in “open-source.” Both the open-source movement and the practice in technology (sharing source code openly) have fostered the values of transparency and access to information (Red Hat, Inc., 2019). As open-source resources, OERs are published to the public domain under such open licensing platforms as the Creative Commons license (Open Educational Resources, 2022).[1] ParkHealth [ParkHealth Foundation, Inc.] is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the United States: a 501(c)(3) organization established exclusively for educational purposes — and producing OERs is a big part of that educational purpose (Kagan & Berry-Johnson, 2022). Though ParkHealth publishes OERs via platforms such as ParkHealth’s website, www.park.health, as well as grants read-write permissions to many of the constituent files that compromise an overall OER, ParkHealth would like to point to channels of financial support for you to consider: Amazon, Medium, OpenSea, Patreon, Substack.

No need for a new chain. No need for a new token. We might pull this off with the NFT or other existing token standard. Don’t want to engage on Medium? Consider Discord or Twitter.

ParkHealth OERs

ParkHealth OERs are functional units. The functional unit of the human organ, the brain, is the neuron. With the kidney, it’s the nephron. And in physiology in general, cells are functional units (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Food Science and Human Nutrition Program, 2022).

One of Society’s functional unit [there are many] for managing units of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom is the ParkHealth OER; the ParkHealth OER is also the functional unit used to express education, teaching and instruction, authorship, as well as research: that is to say, ParkHealth OERs are a kind of fusion of currency [money] and media [means of expression].


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[1] “Public domain” may be a controversial invocation; we will expound on the discussion of “perfection” and “perfectly public” in the following material.



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