Get connected to Parkinson’s research

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The Research Support Network has been connecting people affected by Parkinson’s with research news and opportunities for more than six years. Everyone is welcome to join our online network, and you can take part as much or as little as you want.

Dr Heather Mortiboys speaking to people affected by Parkinson’s about her research at one of our research events

From finding out more about Parkinson’s research to getting involved, there’s something for everyone.

The network is a focal point in the provision of news, information and research participation. Without this network it would be much more difficult to keep up with all that is currently going on.

What’s on offer?

Get connected with research Find out about the latest Parkinson’s research news and events where you can meet scientists.

Take part in research studies
Find out about opportunities
to take part in research studies
and clinical trials

Have your say in research
Make sure your voice is heard
when it comes to our projects, or partner with scientists to help develop their research.

It makes me feel as if I am part of a Parkinson’s community and that what I am going through could ultimately help others and me too!

Hear from our members

Over the last two years we’ve grown more rapidly that ever before and we now have over 3000 members of the network.

Find out about their experiences so far and what being a part of our network means to them in the video below.

It gives me reassurance that people are trying to help and there will be a positive future for people with Parkinson’s.

Start your own journey with the Research Support Network. Or, read about the experiences of other network members in our “My life in research” stories.