Building Happy Cities

Charles Montgomery, author of Happy City, talks about how cities impact our well being

When Charles Montgomery talks about building happy cities, he discusses the impacts our communities have on us, both good and bad. The bad, he believes, comes from our disconnection from those around us within our communities; the good, he states comes from bridging that disconnection. To build happier cities, he says, we need to design our neighborhoods in ways that influence social connection.

Montgomery, author of Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design, has worked with governments, planners and communities to help develop cities in ways that bring more happiness to citizens.

When we build stronger connections with those who live and work around us, we develop communities that help bring happiness to the forefront. “The most important ingredient of human happiness isn’t money or even sex or ice cream, it’s social connections,” Montgomery says. “If we care about having a happy, resilient, healthy and wealthy society, we really should care about building social connections…”

In the video below, Montgomery speaks to an audience in Vancouver about the social impacts our cities have on our well being. “The happy city is a social city above all,” he says.

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