150 days. Smarter.

We are really excited about this blog post.

This blog post is the result of our collective obsession to optimize the world’s urban landscape and we are more than happy to share with you the results of the first 150 days of operations. This blog post is the first in our series about the real, measurable and positive impact Parky has on cities.

We identified 4 areas that Parky made an improvement in the first 150 days of operations: CO2 footprint, time management, driver psychology and affordable transportation. Below we discuss our key findings, the methodology and the next steps.

Methodology & Results

In order to create the infographic our Data and Engineering team analyzed the first 500 bookings on our platform. For the purposes of this analysis, both long term and short terms rentals were taken under consideration.

  • CO2 Footprint: “The average passenger vehicle emits about 411 grams of CO2 per mile” according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (http://bit.ly/2l8leP7). The avg. miles spent searching for parking is 0.8 miles. Thus for our 500 bookings: 411*500*0,8 = 164,400 grams of CO2. According to our Data Lead this finding comes with limitations a) no national (Greek) statistics were available b) Parky is used in areas that free parking is scarce, thus avg. miles searching for parking can potentially be even higher.
  • Time Management: “The average time spent in EU for parking is 8 minutes” (http://bit.ly/2nEHC2V). Based on this finding, we calculated that 500*8=4,000 minutes saved. According to our Data Lead, this finding has four limitations: a) we have not identified the Greek avg. time spent b) Parky is used in areas that free parking is scarce, thus the true average time can be potentially much higher than 8 minutes c) time, location, traffic, availability, weather, strikes were not taken under consideration that could vary the result d) the additional time spent moving from the parking spot to the end destination was not calculated, which Parky potentially decreases.
  • More affordable transportation: The avg. price/hour in Athens is 5,70€ (http://bit.ly/2tBqyiu). Parky averages 2€/hour. The most common parking duration is 3 hours. Thus, on avg. 10€ can be saved. According to our Data Lead, special offers by commercial garages were not taken under consideration.
  • Driver Psychology: “A poll of 2,000 adults revealed that 44% of motorists say finding somewhere to park is a stressful experience” (http://bit.ly/2jC7dnG). ‘nough said.
  • Trash bins: based on personal experiences we get fooled by a trash bin almost half the time searching for a parking spot.

Conclusion & Next Steps

More areas of improvement exist: public space optimisation, traffic decongestion, traffic optimization, etc.

More areas for research also exist: impact of dynamic pricing, commercial shared parking, park zoning, no car zones, etc.

We remain dedicated to our mission:

“to optimize the world’s urban landscape!”

Parky is a Greek startup operating in the transportation and smart cities industry.

Since April 2017 we are part of the Google Launchpad Start program.

If you have any comments, questions or available parking driveways don’t hesitate to contact us at welcome@parkyapp.co