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Mixed Nuts — “Q” and the Right Wing

Not our founding father’s revolution

QAnon Shaman

About 100,000 years ago, if you stepped out of your cave you might have expected to run into your local shaman, not so much at the Capital building in Washington DC in 2021. However, “Q” followers seemed to take their shaman, Jacob Chansley, in stride as part and parcel of their beliefs. Most people…




The political arena is a farce. You either choose to laugh at it, or you have to go mad. Parlor Tricks chooses to laugh. If we can’t get rid of fake news and propaganda, might as well make a mockery of it. Parlor Tricks publishes political and media satire on Medium.

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Gary Janosz

Gary Janosz

Finding the humor in a world of frustration. Always learning, usually the hard way.

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