Parsec Frontiers — Details on the ICO referral program

The Parsec Frontiers crowd sale is underway and we’ve got a great referral program going for those of you who want to help spread the word about the project in a good way. There’s a bonus for you as a referrer as well as for everyone using your link — classic win-win!

We’ve made it quite easy to become a referrer of the project :

  • Create an account at
  • Once you’ve confirmed your e-mail log in and go to the crowdsale tab
  • You will find a referral link on this page
  • Use the link in your social media posts, your e-mails or whatever creative ways you can come up with to spread the word on the Parsec Frontiers crowd sale
  • You will get a 3% payout of Parsec Credits when someone uses that link to deposit ETH and participate in the crowdsale
  • Everyone using your link to participate in the crowd sale will get an extra 2% Parsec Credits
The Hawking, designed by Darko Markovic, is one of the 3 ship types being auctioned off during- and following the crowdsale.

There are many ways to promote Parsec Frontiers, and as inspiration I would recommend reading a few of the in-depth blog posts about the game that you’ll find here on Medium. Here are some links to the most important ones for your convenience :

Calculating the value of Parsec Credits in a virtual economy :

Crafting and colonization in Parsec Frontiers :

Ship auctions and marketplace details:

Visual scripting of smart contracts in Parsec Frontiers:

At 16:00 UTC on Wednesday May 16th we’re opening the first ship auction for the game, with the unique ARK-001 ship available to the highest bidder. Having a ship early on when we launch the exploration module for the game later this year will allow you have a head-start in exploring nearby star systems and planning out your expansion strategy.

One of the exclusive gold colored Ark ships.

The sooner you get your Parsec Credits the higher your chances of closing a deal on one of those sweet, exclusive spaceships!

Good luck in your recruiting efforts!

Best regards,

Parsec Frontiers team

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