Parsec Frontiers Pre-Sale Statement

The PRSC pre-sale lasting from January 24th — 31st 2018 has concluded, and we are grateful for everyone who has participated and contributed to the project.

During the pre-sale a total of 1 205 101 739 Parsec Credits was sold, providing 699,89077 ETH to the project. This was 175% of the sale’s minimum cap.


Before the pre-sale started, a pool of mainly Norwegian investors contributed 30,44176824 ETH and 1 301 000 in NOK, equivalent to 133,3018798 ETH. Calculation of ETH contributions used the Central Bank of Norway’s daily USDNOK fix, as well as the closing price of ETHUSD from Coinmarketcap. The ETH contribution was made straight to the project’s multi-sig wallet.

Smart contract

The smart contract was audited and released on github in advance, and then deployed on the Ethereum mainnet shortly before the start of the pre-sale.

During the 7-day period a total of 533,0218573 ETH was contributed to the smart contract, for a consideration of 909 256 939 PRSC tokens.

Other transactions

Two more transactions were made on the final day of the pre-sale:

· A bank transfer of 20.000 NOK, equaling 2,425264634 ETH for a consideration of 4 098 697 PRSC.

· A contribution to our multi-sig of 0.7 ETH, for a consideration of 1 183 000 PRSC.


Currently, the project holds 564.1636255235 ETH in the mulit-sig account and 1 321 000 NOK.

Closing comments

We consider the pre-sale a great success. It enables us to step up our game going into the main crowd sale in April, and boost the development team towards summer. Thank you for joining us on our journey to the outer rims!

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