Parsec Frontiers Questions and Answers session #1

We’ve collected some questions from the community, and challenged Henning, Peter and Trond to share some more information on the topics you’re most curious about. Moving forward, we plan to answer some of your questions every week until the end of the crowdsale on 30th June. Do you have something you want to ask? Please share your questions with us on our dedicated Twitter post that we will put out @parsecfrontiers and we will keep going through as many of them as we can.

Q: What will happen if the project does not reach the minimum cap?

  • A: We will obviously do what we can for the crowdsale to succeed. However, in the unfortunate event that we don’t reach the minimum cap by the end of June, all investors that have put in Ethereum during this crowdsale phase will be reimbursed. This means there is low risk for anyone that wants to participate in the crowdsale now, and we hope many of you want to take this journey with us. We are also pursuing other ways to fund the remaining development. However, if the crowdsale should fail AND no other options should pan out as we hope, we would be forced to shut down the project this summer when our pre-sale budget runs out.

Q: How do the different ships compare to each other in terms of speed? Will the Ark have the speed of the Hawking and cargo space of the Nakamoto? Also, how much faster approx will the Hawking/Ark be compared to the Nakamoto?

  • A: The Ark is as good or better than each of the smaller ships at what they do best. As far as how much faster one smaller ship is vs how large a hold the other ship has, we can’t say for sure at this moment, but it will be enough of a difference to make the decision about which to use meaningfully.

Q: When (as in what phase of the game, not a date) do you expect the Raptor One to be buildable?

  • A: We plan the Raptor One blueprints to be issued and functional as part of the launch of the crafting module. So immediately or very soon after this feature is released, we want pre-sale investors or their partners to be able to craft this hull.

Q: What are the thoughts from the game designers for PvE elements possibly becoming a part of the game? If PvE is ignored, a large player base would miss out.

  • A: Since the game is so heavily economy and resource focused, PvE can be thought of as a resource that combat capable ships are able to extract. To this end PvE is as important as the other aspects of the game.

Q: Where do players start the game? (One of the 17 initial colonies/planets?)

  • A: Players start on the habitat around Earth, at least in the initial phase of the game.

Q: What resources do new players start with — and in what ways can they earn their first PRSCs when they’ve just started?

  • A: New players will be prompted to buy a started pack which includes a ship, some basic supplies and a wallet with PRSC. From that point on they can earn more PRSC from other players by doing work for them or through trading items they obtain in the game. We consider the starter packs comparable to buying the game, which ensures all players are invested into the PRSC economy. The income from the starter packs will be put back to the non-profit Parsec Foundation to pay for development, maintenance, marketing or by other means aid the game.

Q: I understand the Ark ships are being sold now, but are you able to give a rough idea what the cheapest ships will cost for new players? Not all of us are whales that will get an Ark.

  • A: Players will not have to mortgage their house to play our game. As the economy is player driven, we can’t predict exactly what the cost of an entry-level ship will be. But we anticipate the starting packs which include a ship to be comparable to buying a game on Steam or in a game store.

Q: How immense will the skill tree be? Will you be able to be very specialized, like for example repairing of ships or mining. Or will the skill tree be less specialized and more overall skills?

  • A: The goal is that no man is an island, we believe that players should cooperate to get the most out of the game. Therefore all of the game’s systems will lean towards this end, including any character skill system. The degree and bonuses of character specialization will be balanced against other game systems to strongly encourage cooperation without crippling an individuals ability to play the game without the exact right number of exactly the right specializations.

Q: Will we be able to hire bots to do defense? Given that it may not be feasible to run a 24 hour player based security force.

  • A: When the combat module is released along with it will be released structures and deployables capable of assisting the player’s assets defensively when they aren’t around.

Q: What specs would you need to run the game?

  • A: We will work hard on optimizing the game as much as possible. Until we are further into development, we will give this as a safe recommendation: 64-bit Windows 7, 8 or 10. Intel Core i5–4690 / AMD FX-4300 processor or higher. 8GB RAM. 4GB video RAM. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 390 or higher.

And finally one contribution from our player Interceptor. Yes, we name and shame ;)

Q: Why did the cow go to outer space?

  • A: To visit the Milky Way.