Parsec Frontiers ship auction and marketplace details

We’re getting ready for the initial ship auctions that will put you in a position to start your exploration of the galaxy as early as possible. Every ship sold in the auction has its own unique ID and is currently represented as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. A limited number of ships will be available for auction, and we’re starting off with some of the ARK ships, the initial explorers and colonizers of the galaxy.

The ship auction will go live on the 16th of May at 16:00 UTC, and you will need PRSC in your metamask wallet to bid on any ships. Marketplace for trading between players will go live soon after the first ships have been sold.

Why get a ship early?

  • Be the first to explore the galaxy, mapping out your corner of the galaxy.
  • Find and claim the habitable planets closest to Sol (which we expect will be the biggest trade hubs in the new interstellar society).
  • Transport the surviving humans to your colony or have someone pay you to take them to theirs.
  • Get a head start on everyone else, gaining an advantage before the next modules are released.
  • Own a unique and limited piece of the crypto-collectible game industry

Some players will want to wait for the full game, while others will jump on the opportunity to be amongst the famous first explorers of the galaxy. Parsec Frontiers is a player driven world, and some of these first pioneers will build legendary reputations, just like Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta and other explorers. The space race is on.

The ships

The auction will start off with only 100 Ark ships, these ships are fit to explore deep space and freight any resources that our future expansion requires. To commemorate the sale of the first Ark ship, Parsec Frontiers will give the buyer the opportunity to paint the ship in the fashion he or she chooses in addition to naming the ship of course.

Once all Ark ships have found a proud owner, the Hawking and Nakamoto ships will be available in the auction. The Hawking, named in honor of famous scientist Stephen Hawking, is an explorer vessel, the first line of humanity’s expansion. The Nakamoto, named after Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, is a cargo ship, built for freighting large amounts of materials through space. There will be 400 available of each ship, never to be recreated.

Ship deployment in the game

The ships will be deployed in the game based on order of purchase. The first Ark is scheduled to take off on December 20th 2018, the second ship will be available 2 days after the first one and the wait between ships will be gradually shorter. The ship deployment phase will last 3 months, check this excel document for the complete list of when specific ships will be available in the game. This way we will stagger the initial exploration of the nearby stars, allowing early adopters to get a head start in mankinds grand new space adventure.

Auction Details

The ship auction will be live May 16th at 16:00 UTC and it will occur in two phases.

Phase 1

The first ARK ship in the game will be sold on regular auction. If you wish to participate simply place a higher bid than the current one (the minimum raise is 200 000 PRSC), accept the transaction in Metamask and your bid will get registered. The PRSC you bid will be escrowed and will be sent back to you automatically if someone else bids higher than you.

The first auction will last for 24hours. When there are 12 hours left on the clock every new bid will increase the timer by one hour. Every new bid will be announced in the #auction channel on Discord.

One of the exceedingly rare pink Ark ships.

Phase 2

The price of the first ship will be used to set the market price for the start of phase 2. The price for the second ship will start at whatever the first ship sold for -50%. So if the first ship sells for 10 000 000 PRSC the second ship auction will start at 5 000 000 PRSC.

The rest of the auction will be conducted in a Dutch manner, this is where it gets interesting and good deals can be found. A Dutch auction means that the price will steadily decline. The price for each ship will steadily decline with 0.005% of its current price per minute. Effectively reducing its price by 50% every 24 hours. So if the starting price was 5 000 000 on day 1, it will cost 2 500 000 on day 2. When a ship gets sold in phase 2 the next ship will be available immediately. The starting price for that ship will be the same as the previous ship was sold for +25%. This will continue on until all the unique ships have been sold.


Every time someone uses your referral link and buys something from the auction house you get 20% of the proceeds. Example: You refer a friend and he or she purchases a ship for 1 000 000 PRSC from the Parsec Frontiers ship auction. Parsec Frontiers get 800 000 and you get 200 000 PRSC in cashback.


Once the first few ships have been auctioned off, the marketplace will be opened. This is where players can list their ships for sale and other players can buy them for PRSC. As more and more ships are being auctioned off, the second hand market will grow.

Digital ownership

All ships are non-fungible ERC-721 tokens and are secured on the Ethereum blockchain. They can be traded as ERC-721 tokens until the mainnet launches. Players will then have to send their tokens to our contract and will be granted the same asset on the mainnet.

All the ships in the game can be damaged and even destroyed after the Non-Aggression Pact is terminated. There will however be safe zones within the game where players can keep their ships. Naturally when your ship is in a safe zone it cannot do much so this is a risk/reward situation players will have to consider before venturing into space.

This will lead to a very interesting metagame where using one of the early ships might lead to huge battles since certain factions might wish to reduce the supply to increase the value of their own ship.

We look forward to welcoming a lot of new ship owners and Parsec Frontiers pioneers in the weeks ahead!

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