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Cultural Places Travel Club Offers Special NFT Drop to the PARSIQ Community

In celebration of our new partnership, we’re excited to announce a very generous opportunity that Cultural Places Travel Club has offered to the PARSIQ community.

Cultural Places is offering 1,000 of their new NFTs to members of the PARSIQ community. To determine who is qualified for the airdrop, they have decided to reward the top 1,000 wallets staking $PRQ tokens on IQ Protocol participating in the Q1 2x Yield Boost Incentive program!

What do you need to do if you qualify?


The NFT drop will be happening on the Polygon blockchain on Monday, June 13th 2022. PARSIQ has already provided Cultural Places with a list of addresses for eligible wallets.

More information will be provided at the time of the drop!

What is Cultural Places Travel Club and what are these NFTs?

Cultural Places is a digital platform for cultural sites and institutions around the world. Their platform — — has been live since 2017, and has over 250 cultural sites listed today. Cultural Places offers their marketeers tools like a fully automated content management, finance tool and a sales channel with smartphone app and web platform. Products marketed are digital services, such as digital media guides, tickets and podcasts.

Bringing their vision into the world of Web3, their $CPTC token project is designed to further the scope of their offerings, specifically aimed at visiting cultural institutions. Their new NFTs will play a key role in accessing the utility of their project.

They have created 10,000 unique NFTs representing their cultural traits for different countries. Being an ecosystem for cultural travel, they mint one new collection for every country they are active in. So far, Turkey, Italy and Spain are available, with France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Croatia to follow.

The NFTs’ utility will be country-specific and versatile, and will cover a variety of use cases: decentralized rewards (using their $CPTC utility token) on their platform, decentralized crowdfunding for museums and artists, NFT-based ticketing, and a global, utility-based NFT collection designed for travelers and cultural enthusiasts. The list of perks is continually increasing!

Cultural Places believes in connecting people through culture and art. And their NFT project is an exciting new way that they are realizing their goals!

Thanks Cultural Places Travel Club, your support and generosity much appreciated, and we look forward to working with you in the future!

The #CPTC protocol is a project of OROUNDO mobile Gmbh, founded in 2014. We are an international LTD company with offices in Vienna (HQ), Zagreb, Banja Luka, and Jakarta. Our main project is a digital platform for culture and travel named Cultural Places. OROUNDO mobile has full approval for $CPTC from Austrian regulators, and all smart contracts are audited externally.

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