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Deanna Dong: New Strategic Advisor to PARSIQ

PARSIQ is extremely proud to present our newest advisor, Deanna Dong.

Deanna is no stranger to helping new startups grow, and although PARSIQ isn’t exactly new, we think Deanna fits our profile and team perfectly.

All the way back in 2012, when Dropbox was still young, but growing rapidly, Deanna joined Dropbox as an early marketing leader as the company scaled from 120 to ~1500 employees. Her team was responsible for helping to drive growth in both the consumer and B2B businesses.

Deanna was most recently the VP of Marketing at Wealthfront, a direct-to-consumer fintech company that manages over $20 billion in total assets. Over her 5.5 years there, she played roles in product management, defined the product marketing function, and scaled the marketing team across brand, content and acquisitions 10 x’ed

Deanna works with fundamentally strong young projects, to help with her experience in growth, organizational design, product marketing, go-to-market strategy and overall positioning which are some of her areas of focus for PARSIQ.

“I am excited by PARSIQ’s vision to build a bridge between Web3 and Web2. They’ve built a compelling product that’s already empowered thousands of users to take action with blockchain data in an easy and automated manner. I’m thrilled to partner with them as a strategic advisor.”




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