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How PARSIQ Wallet and Contract Monitoring gives an edge to traders

Trading in crypto has been a passion of mine for several years now, and I’ve utilized several different techniques. Last year I found something that would change the way I traded small caps (tokens with a small market cap) forever.

I found PARSIQ Monitoring — A way to be notified about big sells or buys on a DEX, or monitor specific selling whales in a project, enabling manual frontrunning before big selloffs and leveraging some very nice arbitrage opportunities, all very important abilities when trading small caps.

I’ll tell you all about how I utilized it and how you can do the same with the smaller projects you are following.

XCM Arbitrage

I am trading on the platform, so let’s take XCM (CoinMetro’s native token) as an example of a use case:

In August 2020, a client of CoinMetro listed XCM on Uniswap, and from there the token rose in price quickly creating a price difference on Uniswap from the order books at CoinMetro.

I found myself in a situation where I was just staring at the Uniswap swap page, not being able to leave my desktop because I wanted to be ready to arbitrage between Uniswap and CoinMetro’s own books.

From on the term “arbitrage”
Arbitrage is the purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from a difference in the asset’s price between markets. It is a trade that profits by exploiting the price differences of identical or similar financial instruments in different markets or in different forms

So I would transfer XCM to my metamask and wait for a big buy to come in, and I would sell XCM on Uniswap, transfer ETH to CoinMetro and buy my XCM+profits right back, thus increasing my total XCM with each trade.

But that’s when I came across the PARSIQ Portal and their monitoring services. I signed up to a trial account and set up my first trigger on my own wallet, just to test things out. When I made a transfer, the telegram bot would alert me at the same time as my metamask confirmed. It was incredibly fast and just what I needed.

Now it was just a matter of finding the Uniswap contract address for XCM and starting monitoring that. And it’s as easy as looking at a transaction from the contract, either via their own tool, or looking on something like

You can find it simply by going to

And inputting the token symbol

In the transactions list, click on any transaction, it doesn’t matter if it’s a swap or liquidity add/remove transaction.
Click on the transaction and you will be taken to etherscan, with the details of the transfer visible.

And then it’s just a matter of getting the Uniswap contract for the token. It’s always labelled “Uniswap V2: Tokensymbol”

You just click the “Uniswap V2: Tokensymbol” text and on the next page, you simply click the copy icon just below where it says “FILTERED BY TOKEN HOLDER (Uniswap V2: Tokensymbol)”

Now put that wallet ID into a Quick Monitoring Trigger Wizard and you will receive a notification for every buy or sell that happens on that Uniswap contract — note, this is not advisable on high volume pairs, but works great for low volume pairs and the best part, you get the notification instantly, as the transaction occurs. You can be sat in front of your computer or the TV, with your phone hooked up to your telegram account and instantly know there is a great trade opening up.
This is extremely powerful for low liquidity, microcap tokens, where each big buy could potentially push price xx%.

Even better yet? It works for every project out there, that trades on Uniswap + something else.

With PARSIQ Monitoring, you can even fine tune the monitor even more, and only be alerted to bigger sell or buys, using the “ADD CUSTOMIZATION” feature:

Click this and set “If amount” and “is more than or equal to” and then set your amount.

And you know best what big sells and buys are for the pair you are interested in.

You’ll also be notified about users removing and adding liquidity to the pool, but you notice that there is no price impact once it triggers on one of those.

I recommend using Dextools for seeing trades and a chart on the Uniswap pair you are interested in, since Uniswap is just a very simple interface with very little information available.

If you are familiar with code, you can also utilize this with a bit more versatility, here is an example of how that code could look like:

stream UniswapSwapSpikes
# We are interested in the Token Transfers for the Uniswap case.
from TokenTransfers
# We have a table with (interesting to us) Uniswap Pools. We want to monitor both BUYs and SELLs for them.
where @to in UniswapPools || @from in UniswapPools
# Basic initialization variables for later usage
let threshold = 0
let initiator = 0x0
let pool = 0x0
let action = “”
# If our Trading Asset is used for BUY operation
if @to in UniswapPools && @code_address == UniswapPools[@to].TradingAsset then
# Related BUY threshold
threshold = UniswapPools[@to].BuyThreshold
# The address that initiated the BUY operation
initiator = @from
# The pool that the BUY swap is sent to
pool = @to
# Action type itself
action = “BUY”
# If our Trading Asset is used for SELL operation
elseif @from in UniswapPools && @code_address == UniswapPools[@from].TradingAsset then
# Related SELL threshold
threshold = UniswapPools[@from].SellThreshold
# The address that initiated the SELL operation
initiator = @to
# The pool that the SELL swap is sent to
pool = @from
# Action type itself
action = “SELL”
# Check that BUY or SELL happened
if action != “” then
# Additional check that we are dealing with verified (by PARSIQ team) ERC-20'ies
if @is_erc20 && @verified then
# We compare that the BUY/SELL swap amount is exceeding the defined (Buy/Sell)Threshold
if compare({value: @value, decimals: @erc20.decimals}, {value: threshold, decimals: 0}) >= 0 then
emit {@value, initiator, pool: UniswapPools[pool].Details, threshold, action, currency: @erc20.symbol, decimals: @erc20.decimals}
# If not verified (yet is should be ERC-20), then we do not own the information for comparison and just emit an event
emit {@value, initiator, pool: UniswapPools[pool].Details, threshold, action, currency: “?”, decimals: 18}

Whale watching with PARSIQ

Watching the big holders (“whales”) of a project is a bit different than just watching the Uniswap contract and involves a bit of insight into the historical data of the token you are interested in.


You are following a project where you see one of the big holders following the same pattern of moving funds from a main wallet to a “selling wallet” (a wallet where you can see funds from the main wallet being deposited, just to be sold on Uniswap shortly after). You can monitor the whale wallet or if the whale wallet holds different tokens, it might be more useful to monitor the selling wallet.

Setting up the trigger is easy, you just create an account with PARSIQ, then create a new project

Select an empty project and set a name that matches what you are doing

Create a transport (the action you would like to happen, after your trigger is triggered)

This could be a telegram notification for example

Connect your telegram to approve the bot for notifications

Then just fill out the Quick Monitoring Trigger Wizard form

You’re now ready to receive alerts in your telegram on the “whale” accounts you are interested in, and may be able to front run when they start selling off, giving you a chance to buy back in at a better price.

Warning: This is in no way a surefire way to trade, others could do the same or you could risk a large buy coming in, just as you’ve sold, negating the possible sells from the “whale” and you may have to enter at a higher or the same price as you sold.

Get started now with PARSIQ Monitoring

PARSIQ Portal Signup




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