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Keeping an Eye on Your Token Investments

Even though the world is faced with an unprecedented global pandemic that causes havoc in every major economy, investors have made quite a lot of money in recent months from both traditional and crypto markets.

When it comes to the latter, this is just the start for investors who are keen to seek opportunities in this market.

The incoming bull market for crypto will completely look different than the previous one. This is mostly because two different bull markets simultaneously play out over the next 12–18 months. The usual crypto suspect, Bitcoin, will lead one of the bull markets. The other one will involve capital rotation from new projects and protocols where the underlying products are being used and increasing in value.

After the previous bull market where initial coin offerings (ICOs) filled the crypto market, we were left with many projects with no real use cases. They were more focused on marketing efforts rather than actual product development. ICOs don’t usually make the issuer responsible for the investors, which is why it wasn’t able to reach its full potential and promises to its investors.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is taking the financial markets into a storm and attracting more and more investors on its platform. Bitcoins are being tokenized faster than being mined because of the DeFi craze. More and more protocols offer tokens for investors to grow their assets and help these companies with capital.

For investors not to experience the same problem as the ICO bull market, one solution they can take is to get real-time alerts on their favorite projects using on-chain monitoring. Through this, investors and anyone can get the project’s status and get notifications if tokens are available for the said project. This will help not only investors but also companies who are in the token offering game.

This monitoring also includes whales or any coin transfer that are over 2% of the current supply. Through this, investors will be able to track any big movement in the chain. They should also be able to monitor the project’s wallet, whether it already hit its target capital, including the team, foundation, and reserves. This monitoring will provide more confidence to token investors by creating a transparent initiative that can track any project’s status and movement.

Through this monitoring, investors can now make smarter decisions regarding their token investments by receiving real-time data about on-chain movements. No need to wonder where you can subscribe to such monitoring; because PARSIQ is about to launch a monitoring service that will allow anyone to track a token project’s status.

A new free to use sub-product built on the PARSIQ platform will be offered within September — where any stakeholder or potential investor can subscribe to real-time notifications of a specific token project.

PARSIQ, known as a platform that can track on-chain activities and connect to off-chain apps such as getting a notification when there’s a change in balance in the users’ wallet, will soon help you keep an eye on your token investments as well.

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